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  1. Hello all, The steering rack on my Mk4 Mondeo is knocking when you turn the wheel. It isn't track rods as it doesn't happen on changing steering wheel turning direction, it will knock several times going from one lock to the other. I'm sure I have read that this probably means the steering rack is on its way out, and on a mk4 this means the whole power steering system ought to be replaced. Does anyone have any pointers about doing this? Any other thoughts would be great. Thanks, Matt
  2. Hello all, Looking for some advice. My Mondeo mk4 has recently started making a hissing (best way to describe it) noise coming from under the dashboard. It stops when I turn the air con off, and returns when I turn it on. I bought the car in August last year, and had the air con re-gassed, it is likely the issue is with the evaporator? Its difficult to tell, but I'm sure the air con still works and I haven't smelt air con gas inside the car. Your thoughts are gratefully received. Thanks, Matt
  3. Fiesta Mk6 Alloys Help

    They'll be fine. I have a 2004 1.4 Zetec, and those are the wheels that it came with. The wheels on the MK1 focus were 17" alloys. Have you seen the website http://www.willtheyfit.com/? I think its very useful.
  4. Time On Post Not With Computer

    Fair enough! Just me being picky then :P Thanks
  5. Hi, I am possibly being stupid (it has been known), and I am aware I am still a 'newbie' but I have just posted a reply to my topic in the Welcome section and noticed the time on the post said I posted at 01:16pm, but my computer was showing 13:06. I realise it's probably not an issue, but wondered if it had been noticed before? Regards, Matt
  6. Hello To All

    Haha! Thanks for the encouragement. It is definately on the cards, I just need to save up a little first!
  7. Hello To All

    Hi all, Thought I would join as this seems to be the best of the Ford related forums I have found! I have a MK6 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec which I have had for about 2 years and has been fantastic, but I am tempted by a MK6 ST :) so I may ask some questions about that! See you around, Matt