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  1. brake discs

    recent mot advisories means new discs to be purchased....someone let me know the sizes please for my st 180 63 plate
  2. low speed grumble

    help guys, i have noticed a low speed grumble, 5 to 10mph when negotiating into & out of parking slots & any low speed turns. occurs during partial lock through to full lock, suspension or steering joints ???
  3. EGR Blanking Plate fitment on 2.0 TDCi Engine

    undo ur wipers & remove the bulkhead thingy (couple screws) for easy access.....did mine in about 20 mins
  4. HID.....?

    ok.........so I read somewhere that titanium & poss st (cant remember) stated front fogs use h11, went on amazon & they said h11 will fit.....so took a chance & .........yes lovely jubbly, easier job (for a novice) than I expected.......now wheres that bulb list lmao.... watch out any1 on the back lanes of north Suffolk after dark....... very rewarding evening as I just fitted 2 front climair deflectors......
  5. HID.....?

    so....whats the difference between h8 & h11......please
  6. HID.....?

    simples really..........when u know lol.......thx for the help guys
  7. HID.....?

    so....on a website looking at replacing bulbs & it asks the question when selecting my version of Ford, Ford focus (MK 2 HID) 2007 - 2011 or, Ford Focus (MK 2) 2004 - 2011, how do I find out what I have & whats the difference........thx
  8. roof spoiler

    thx for the reply's guys, it pays to be patient, I spent some of the cash set aside for the spoiler to purchase something else &....... low & behold........focuscarbreakers on ebay from Beverley nr hull "had" a nice panther black version for 115£ inc postage its now on its way to me......
  9. roof spoiler

    gr8....thx......fed up with waiting for panther black version to appear for sale so gonna get a gd cond. example in any color......been quoted 50£ for respray.....[emoji16]
  10. roof spoiler

    Hi........does the roof spoiler from a....ST225 2005 to 2010 fit my 58 plate facelift ???
  11. Focus Upgrades

    I got Monza r 18's on my 58 plate with 35mm apex springs &............. no problems
  12. My mk 2.5 Titanium

    congrats on ur purchase m8, i'll get it in the post tonite didn't you check on the link I posted to see if it was the right 1.....?
  13. car cover

    i'm gonna be using the cover just at work....the breeze brings in the dust of the local fens & coats everything......haven't seen any strays around the back of coldstores where carpark is.....thx for the info though. [emoji6]
  14. My mk 2.5 Titanium

    be rude not too......
  15. My mk 2.5 Titanium

    youtube showed a guy making it look easy by using a wallpaper scraper, I located the fitting tab then used a large thin flat blade screwdriver between the scaper & the fog surround to lever them out......saves the paint