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  1. What Can I Do To Improve Power In 12 Plate Fiesta 1.25?

    Thanks for your replies everyone. Ok so the general opinion seems to be that it's possible to improve performance but no point due to cost and hassle. Can I ask if anyone knows how much it would cost to - taking the first example given - put an ST engine in the 1.25, and all other necessary replacements to go with the engine? Are we talking over £5,000 or something like that? Otherwise I'm not sure why people are saying that it wouldn't make financial sense to do so - is it not better to pay a few grand to upgrade current vehicle rather than trade in and lose money on both trade in value and more expensive newer car? The car that I inherited (long story), is a 12 plate Fiesta 1.25 with 20,000 on the clock. I've just started a new job where I will now only be doing 3-5,000 miles a year. I like everything about the Fiesta except the power and intend to hang on to this car 5-10 years if I can so can someone explain how it'd be cheaper to change car than alter current one? Are the costs of change and higher insurance costs really that high? Again, sorry for not having a clue but I'm glad to be learning :)
  2. Hi all, I have a 12 plate Fiesta 1.25 which has only done 20,000 and I'm about to start a new job where I will only do 3-5,000 a year in it. I love driving the car except that it is very slow, especially compared to my previous Focus 1.8 TDCI. I am something of a mechanical illiterate so not sure if this is even possible but I would much rather spend money upgrading this car than trade it in for a hot hatch, which is what I'd ideally like to drive. Is there anything that can be done to this car to put some serious power in it, or at least moderate power - engine/parts change etc.? Considering I was recently flirting with the idea of a new Fiesta ST in the £15,000 bracket, I'd be happy to pay pretty serious money if it made the difference and allowed me to comfortably enjoy this car for 5-10 years (I change cars rarely) as I'd still be making a big saving without having to change. Hopefully something can be done to at least push this car on a bit, I mean it takes 13 seconds to get from 0-60... Thanks and apologies for my ignorance but I guess what else are forums for :) Ryan