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  1. Best place to sell my Mk7?

    Thanks for the advice, I've had 3 quotes from online buying websites, all FAR lower than Autotrader prices - being quoted no more than £11100 for a £16000 car! Ouch. Will approach some dealerships direct now, if they're selling at near new prices maybe they'll buy at a reasonable price..? KeithC, I did get a good price for it so that should dampen the blow! As I said, I'm not desperate for the cash immediately so I could go private sale to get the best price, not sure about how to be paid for the car though with no chance of being scammed? I've even heard of cheques clearing and then bouncing 2 weeks later once the banks realise it was a fake cheque! Cheers guys
  2. Best place to sell my Mk7?

    Because of my work for the next 12 months I'll be away a lot and wont be using it, can't have it loosing 1st years value while I'm not playing in it! I'll check out piston heads, thanks
  3. Unfortunately I have to sell my Fezza, not super urgent so I do want to get a good price. I've never sold a car before (they normally die before I get to that stage) so I'm not sure of the best way. I've bought and sold on ebay for years but nothing of this value and the websites that offer to buy any car quote rubbish prices. Any advice appreciated! The specs below cos I know you guys always like that kind of thing. By the way, re order times, I only had to wait 6 weeks! Ordered March, drove it away in April, you guys are really patient putting up with 14 weeks - do they want to sell you a car or not? Very cheeky. Spec: Mk7 1.6TDCi, 09 plate, Sea Grey, Titanium X, Bluetooth and USB, Curtain Airbags, Deleted Privacy Glass, Spare wheel not repair kit, 1800 miles on the clock
  4. MK7 Bluetooth Phone Connection

    Hi The radio has to be on but if you press the AUX button this will effectively mute the output. If you are already playing through the AUX input from your iphone etc, pressing the AUX button again pauses playback, thus muting the output. Hope this helps Adam
  5. How much!! help needed!

    Check out http://www.autoebid.com and http://www.drivethedeal.com , print your quotes and show them to your salesperson. When I bought my fiesta I told them the price I wanted to pay, which was £12000 for a £16000 car, and they asked me to show them the closest I had got to this on the internet - Crazy really that they should ask for me to use the internet for quotes and not just haggle with me but I came back with a quote for £12500 and they matched it. Its a very popular car and they're not having problems shifting them but if you prove that you're ready to buy with someone else, they'd be mad not to match the price. Cheers adamtrb