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  1. Fitting a boost gauge

    Hey Guys. I would really like a Boost gauge to see if i'm hitting the correct pressure. The thing is, i have no clue where to put the tube in the engine bay. If it was an ecoboost, it would be easy lol. Can anyone help? Thanks CAR: MK7 Fiesta 1.6 (95) TDCI Zetec
  2. Flies!!!!

    Lol. Ah least it's not just me then. Today wasn't bad. Only about 3 or 4.
  3. Flies!!!!

    The !Removed! things are landing on one side of my car. Mainly the same direction as the sun is pointing. I have washed/waxed my car but it's made it worse haha. Anything i can do to stop this? Ta
  4. Strange 'whirring'/'whining' when accelerating

    Does it sound like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIyGlMRLH8Q I had it on my focus so i know it was the wheel bearing. Once i got it fixed, it was quiet again and very peaceful lol.
  5. Bad Remap

    Just got it back from Ford and they done a PCM update. So far so good. Now my remap has been wiped so think i'm going to claim my 30 day money back guarantee and get it done at a garage like you said.
  6. Bad Remap

    He guys, This is my 1st post since owning my Fez. I had the car for just over a week and fancied a remap. I found a mobile service that comes to your house and does them. So i got it done for £250. 2 days after and i got a message that randomly pops up saying "Engine Malfunction. Service now" and it would go into limp mode and splutter with black smoke. I had it taken in to a garage and they said they couldn't find anything wrong (i didn't tell them about the remap) so they said they have booked it into Ford to get an ECU upgrade. So could this remap cause the issue or just coincidence? As i said, the message pops up randomly. Even went a whole day without it popping up. Thanks
  7. Original Exhaust?

    Thanks so much mate. Just what i wanted to hear
  8. Original Exhaust?

    He peeps. Just got my Sportex back box and want to fit it, but i was wondering if my exhaust is original or has my backbox been changed? I have no trolly jack so was unable to have a good lock but i got my phone under there and took a picture. So, is the the original or has it been cut and replaced? Thankshttp://s30.postimg.org/56g5wyrwx/20140708_193331.jpg
  9. Changing Down Gears

    Iirc my old saxo used to do that. Haven't tried it in my Focus though. Sent from my S5
  10. What Tyre Pressure Do You Run?

    what 32 PSI all round? Think I'll just stick with that then.Sent from my S5
  11. What Tyre Pressure Do You Run?

    WoW great information. ThanksSent from my S5
  12. What Tyre Pressure Do You Run?

    Thanks mate. That helps a lot. Wonder why the previous owner changed the wheel size? 30 at front and 33 at rear? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Sent from my S5
  13. What Tyre Pressure Do You Run?

    Ah. I pumped mine up while hot. Maybe I will pump to 35 psi also and see how that goes. Finished spraying my 3rd wheel today so will do it tomorrow. Sent from my S5
  14. Hey. I'm currently respraying my wheels and just thought what my tyre pressure it should be pumped to. There is no tyre pressure plate in the door jamb. So i was wondering what pressure is best. I have pumped up one tyre so far to 32 PSI but looks a bit flat to me (at front), and one back tyre to 32 PSI. Maybe 34 PSI at front and 32 PSI at rear? What do you run? Oh my tyre size is 205/55 R16
  15. First Ford Car!

    Did you press hard on the key fob after the first chime. If you did, should chime again. I had to press real hard on mine. All my buttons are stiff. Sent from my S5