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  1. Question About Replacing The Sat Nav

    yes, i wanted to know if its a direct replacement job?
  2. Question About Replacing The Sat Nav

    both? im asking if i can swith them over or will there be a lot more too it?
  3. Question About Replacing The Sat Nav

    hi all just looking for a bit of advice as i dont seam to be able to find the answers anywhere else so im in the process of buy a mk3 focus i have looked at a few but am angling towards a white auto etc or titanium i wanted the sony stereo as my Gf has it in her new fiesta zetec and it does the job well BUT i also wanted a sat nav and the only focus i can find for sale with the sony sat nav are pushing £18k for a zetec? :D :D :D :D :D soooo i was thinking if i bought the sat nav seperate will it just plug and play is it a simple click in and out job? has anyone done this so far because if it need wiring, or the fitting needs to be modded in anyway? will the sync still work like blue tooth etc? and the unit i was gonna get is from the US if that makes any difference? thanx in advance guys :D