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  1. Hi, I want to retrofit bluetooth, with A2DP to my 2008 Focus Titanium, it's an early model that didn't have bluetooth as standard but does have the overhead light with space and wire for mic, Sony stereo and 05-* firmware. Will the 7M5T-* bluetooth module work with A2DP or do I need a 8M5T-* (I know I need this for USB but not sure about the rest).
  2. Also it only happens around 20-30% of the time.
  3. It was also happening before the service, I just though I would mention it to rule out plugs.
  4. Afternoon, My focus mk1 1.6 sometimes struggles to start. It cranks fine but can take a good few seconds before the engine fires, other times it will start straight away. Recently had a service with spark plugs changed. Once started it drives fine. I might get some Redex injector cleaner, any other ideas?
  5. Nice to know, I will stop worrying about it. I did have a head gasket blow on an older car so just slightly paranoid.
  6. Coolant flush done. Still about the same so far, maybe just 1 or 2c less. I will keep an eye on it over next few days. I may enable the test/diagnostics mode and check the temps on there, is it ok to leave it in diagnostics mode for a 20 minute drive?
  7. I have a 2001 MK1 1.6 Zetec Focus (Zetec-SE/Sigma engine). My old mk4 fiesta (1.25 zetec) used to run @ around 90c coolant temperature.However the focus runs with coolant temperature normally @ around 100c - highest I have seen is 104c. The coolant temp needle on the dash stays in the middle but I know it always does this and just jumps to red if overheating. Is 100c too hot? P.S I'm getting the coolant temperature via OBD.