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  1. Air Conditioning & Performance

    Well that does not sound quite right Good luck with the dealer, hopefully you will get it sorted soon.
  2. Air Conditioning & Performance

    After reading through this thread I have come to the conclusion that if we use any of the controls or creature comforts on ours cars that they will break more often? Now I understand why other drivers do not use their indicators, heaven forbid that they should break when they might be needed, on a roundabout, changing lanes etc Considering when they are on they are off half the time ;) It should make them last longer anyway and maybe over time save some money on fuel! AC definitely ON keeps the inside of the car dry, me cool when hot and to hell with the money saving. I brought the car as a package and will use all of the goody's, because I can, or I would have brought a tricycle that was powered by an overfed hamster :o
  3. Order placed!! So excited!

    I do not know what to say. The salesman looked on the system when I was deciding which options and extras etc and said that there were none that matched. He then found a Studio in the system that could be changed to a Titanium as it was not reserved by another customer and so it then became the car I ordered. The studio was originally scheduled to be built in May and that he would hopefully expect it to be at the dealers late May early June. He was also honest and up front in saying that due to high demand for these cars that unexpected delays may occur and that if they did he would call me. The salesman at the dealership has been very good and I have no complaints at all and have found him to be very helpful and pleasant. It has restored my faith in car salesmen, who have in the past been lying, obsequious individuals who do not care about the customer. The salesman also told me that they are getting a lot of cars in at the moment, so maybe production speeds are increasing and they are getting through the delayed orders. Hopefully you will have good news soon and a little smile will spread across your face to become a huge grin and then you will forget the wait and say to yourself it was worth it.
  4. Order placed!! So excited!

    That's great news, I know from my previous experience that I could hardly sleep the night before and that I was at the dealership before they got in. So maybe you will be at the dealers earlier than 9am ;) A day off work, a fantastic new car and hopefully clear roads and sunny skies. It sounds wonderful, I will have to start planing my day!
  5. Order placed!! So excited!

    Titanium 1.6 TDCI 3dr ordered 4th April with X Pack & Tech Pack in sea grey. Went into the dealer this morning car to see how it was going and was pleasantly surprised to find out it has left the factory and should be with the dealer on the 16th of May :P I was expecting it in June and was preparing myself for an even later date after hearing some of the stories of other customers on this forum.