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  1. S-Max Running Temperature?

    Odd as in "I would get it done" or "Odd but still working at leave it"Quoted £120 to supply and fit new thermostat with housing or mobile mechanic will do it for £65 all In
  2. S-Max Running Temperature?

    So 20 degrees here today and driving at 65mph for about 40 minutes on motorway. A/c on and blowing out nice and chilled air-Needle about 74 Heating off completely-Needle on about 78/79 Heating on with hot air-Needle about 78/79 Stuck in traffic needle rises to about 89 and no further so not overheating Tried the test as mentioned above having driven for an hour and test showed temp as 78 which is about what needle is showing on dash when driving
  3. S-Max Running Temperature?

    Hi FOCA Will see what temp gauge does on way to work which is mostly motorway but in the few days i have had it the running temp on gauge is around 75-76 but with a/c on it drops every so slightly to 74. Needle raises to 90 in traffic if stationary but does not go past this point. No point in my paying out for new thermostat if not needed. I will try some combinations tomorrow and post again.
  4. S-Max Running Temperature?

    Did not know you could do that? Any instructions :-)
  5. S-Max Running Temperature?

    Thanks James :)
  6. S-Max Running Temperature?

    Thanks James Only other reading is when needle is a cats whisker under 75 but that is only if AC is on and on cold setting. Think i will take your advice as i have a feeling you know what you are talking about :-)
  7. S-Max Running Temperature?

    So my car is running at 75 under normal conditions and raises to 90 when in traffic. So you think i have nothing to worry about and no need to change thermostat? Thanks
  8. S-Max Running Temperature?

    Hi James Thanks for getting back to me. You know what its like when you buy a new car you listen to every little noise and study the temp gauge. As stated the needle in photo is the highest it gets and that was taken today when 20 degrees outside and stuck in traffic. Usually going down the motorway to work it sits around the second white line. What is the line after the 60 temperature wise? I guess the one at the 6 o'clock position is 90?
  9. S-Max Running Temperature?

    Thing is it only gets to there when stuck in traffic and goes no further than this. It usually sits on the line up from the 60 and this is when driving say on the motorway
  10. S-Max Running Temperature?

    I have recently bought a 2.0 petrol 56 S-Max which i love. My question is can any owners please tell me whereabouts on the temp gauge should the needle be on normal running? What is the temp for the other lines? Please see attached photo which is after sitting in slow traffic for a few minutes. Never seems to go over this position and overheat
  11. Cambelt Or Chain

    Hi all. Can you please tell me if a 56 plate 2.0 petrol S Max has a timing chain or belt. If chain does it just need checking and if belt what is the recommended time to change? Thanks