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  1. Spider Tuning 30% Off Forum Code

    I'm selling my tuning box, my focus is now with my wife who doesnt need the extra power, Just wish it would fit my petrol qashqai. Would have got a Focus ST if I could have fitted a towbar. Any offers.
  2. My Mk3.5 Zetec S Has Finally Arrived!

    Stunning, that engine is amazing.
  3. Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

    Staff nurse. Any mods eat into everything else.
  4. Spider Tuning 30% Off Forum Code

    Mine came back, detuned to 20% for six months, till my insurance is up. Then my old phone fell off a garage window so now have a new moto g 3rd gen. The bluetooth capability is great.
  5. What Wipers????

    Few people on detailing world have great results from bar keepers friend to clean windscreens.
  6. Spider Tuning 30% Off Forum Code

    Well, my insurance company only accepts up to 20% increase so im eitger going to seel it or get it restricted to max 20% fast road 2. Kindly spider can down tune it till my insurance is up.
  7. Spider Tuning 30% Off Forum Code

    Hey madmole are those sidestrips from ebay? Just had an excuse to post a letter, seems plenty of fast had it on road2.
  8. Spider Tuning 30% Off Forum Code

    Yep the 5 led lights at the top, was in the 3rd one, found out because you can download the setting your on in the bluetooth screen. It was easy, just downloaded the app from google play store. Then set bluetooth to on the phone, search for the tuning box and wala. Must be between the 150 and 180 zetec s in 0-60 being 55kg lighter?
  9. Spider Tuning 30% Off Forum Code

    Mine came this morning, the run in was good, had an eml light only because i accidently did it in program 3, after talking to guys. got the right setting. Early to tell will be in eco mode whilst the children are in the car. Its really intuitive to use bluetooth so dont have to open the bonnett. I was the 8th to download the app from google play store.
  10. Welcome, great looking car.
  11. Probably stupid question, have the 125 ecoboost engine in my focus, am awaiting a reply from them but is the spider box for the 125 fiesta the same? Im assuming is the connectors? Any way the performance box is slightly more than the spider?
  12. Mk3 1.0 Ecoboost Recall

    Yes that's the new one, takes a couple of weeks to come up on the Ford etis site.
  13. Mk3 1.0 Ecoboost Recall

    May 28th 2013 mines booked in for Wednesday.
  14. Mk3 1.0 Ecoboost Recall

    Mine will have to go in, any dealer will do this fix?