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  1. Gear Box Issues

    Thanks for the replies guys....even if I could pick up a gearbox for a couple of hundred quid, still need to get fitted and that's really not worth the hassle. Husband is looking at few cars at the moment and will get it up the road for the weekend. Mondeo will unfortunately go to the nearest scrappy.
  2. Gear Box Issues

    The first gear has been sticky for a while but I thought that just came with age....well, too late now...had guy out to look at it and the gearbox is definitely gone, so the car will follow I'm afraid. The costs are far too much for a 15 year old. :(
  3. Gear Box Issues

    Well, looks like I won't be driving a Mondeo for much longer....actually not driving it at all at the moment. Was on my way to Loch Ness towing my caravan when it started to be impossible to select 1st or 2nd gear which is really bad when it comes to stopping and having to try and drive off in 3rd gear on a hill.....as a result, now 5th and reverse gear have died too. I suspect the gear box and due to age of car I don't think I will get this repaired. Currently stuck on a campsite at Loch Ness until can sort out a different car.....
  4. Hi, New To The Forum

    We used to drive a right hooker over in Germany so it is basically the same, just on the other side..lol.. The road position is a little different but that's all really, although overtaking is a bit of an issue if I am alone in the car as I can't see that well on the right obviously. But all in all it's ok,
  5. Hi, New To The Forum

    Well, I had to get a car to get home but I also needed to look further ahead. I could not afford to get a cheap scrapper, register it to my name (well, mum's name really), tax it etc. just to scrap it at home and having to buy another car. So it was really a full replacement that was sourced within a few days.
  6. Spark Plug Issues

    Thanks for the replies guys...Problem is solved...the car really didn't like the spark plugs I got. Bought another set from NGK with the single electrode instead of the 4 on the Bosch ones and hey...car is purring like a kitten.
  7. Spark Plug Issues

    Ahh, no, didn't do that. The new plugs are not the single electrode ones, they are the Super 4 ones. Would the gap adjustment be the same? I assume I could find the right gap setting in the Haynes manual?
  8. Spark Plug Issues

    Hi, I am new to the forum and unfortunately have to ask a question right away. I have a Mondeo Mk2 1.8 Zetec Estate (1998) and started to notice a slight juddering and hesitation when accelerating so I went ahead and bought new spark plugs. Got them at Halfords, looked at the booklet they have there to make sure I get the correct ones. Bought the recommended Bosch ones and changed them this afternoon. The old ones were kind of rusty and didn't look good at all, so I think the change was really necessary. Unfortunately now the car is even worse, really rough idle and hops like a kangaroo when I accelerate. Now....did I do something wrong just by changing the plugs? Any suggestions much appreciated. Mel
  9. Hi, New To The Forum

    Hi all, my name is Mel, I live in South Lanarkshire and I am new to the forum. I own a LHD 1998 Mondeo 1.8i Zetec estate. The car was an emergency buy when I was in Germany to visit family as my previous car died on the way home. Hope to get some good info and inspiration on the forum.