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    My Focus TDCI

    These are photo's of my 2009 Focus 1.6 TDCI [110]. The first lot are form the advert from before I bought the car, it's now had a wash and I took better photos of it. The car has a few small issues but is an otherwise fantastic motor.
  2. darthbabo

    DSC 1527

    From the album: My Focus TDCI

  3. darthbabo

    DSC 1526

    From the album: My Focus TDCI

  4. darthbabo

    DSC 1525

    From the album: My Focus TDCI

  5. darthbabo

    DSC 1523

    From the album: My Focus TDCI

  6. darthbabo

    DSC 1522

    From the album: My Focus TDCI

  7. darthbabo

    DSC 1521

    From the album: My Focus TDCI

  8. darthbabo

    DSC 1520

    From the album: My Focus TDCI

  9. darthbabo

    DSC 1519

    From the album: My Focus TDCI

  10. darthbabo

    DSC 1518

    From the album: My Focus TDCI

    Well it's now had a wash so I decded to take some decent photo's of it :P
  11. Hi Doug, I would love to go for it unfortunately I haven't the cash or space for it at the moment as I'm commited to my focus now and my computer is in dire need of a new graphics card, as such I must ask if anybody wants the diesel specific parts as they must go before the end of summer I need the space. Unfortunately the realities of my situation have forced me to come to this :(
  12. The new rules do not have that flex in them if there is no paperwork for the vehicle or the buyer/seller doesn't have trade plates then the car cannot be driven by the new owner until they have taxed it, the vehicle must be trailered away and stored on private land if that is the case until the log book arrives for the new owner. Edit: If the above is not done the vehicle can legally be taken by the police at the time and crushed when the logbook/new keeper suppliment cannot be produced.
  13. I bought my focus the first week of december last year under the new rules which came in october 1st and the new owner has to tax the vehicle before they can bring it home. there are three ways to tax a car currently: 1. Post Office (check the local openning times) 2. DVLA Telephone (mon-fri only) 3. DVLA Online via home computer or moblie internet any day or time I bought my car on a sunday and used my mobile phone to tax the car all I needed was the reg number, the code off the new keeper suppliment (should be 11 digits) and my bank card details. The process took me around five/ten minut
  14. Doug thanks it's got a few nigly bit's needing doing but sofar touch wood it's been trouble free and pleasnt to drive and that is a very, very nice sounding and looking car I am impressed had I had the chance I'd have had the red estate looking that good. Nudge it's probably a good idea to send it to have the bodywork done to have another decade of daily driving out of it :)
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