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  1. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    hallelujah, the car is finally fixed. The car went back to the garage today and it was confirmed the new thermostat had failed. Apparently it wasn't opening quick enough. The garage put a new thermostat and housing on free or charge, No more overheating thankfully. I can hear a slight whine when the car accelerates and slows down in low gears but I think that's unrelated. Many thanks to all of you for your help. Aaron
  2. Just Bought One

    I can confirm my fusion 2 + has heated screen, air con, alloys, fogs and a factory fitted tv and DVD player ;)
  3. Escort MK1 10

    Lovely car jake! wish I could afford one!
  4. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    UPDATE So today I took the car back to the guy who flushed the system for me, he thinks the thermostat is faulty and there is no circulation. I had also booked the car into a ford specialist. The specialists also thinks it could be the thermostat, he's going to strip it down on Thursday and check all the surrounding pipes. He is confident coolant is getting through the radiator ok. There's also the possibility that a Ecu could have a fault as well but for now he's thinking the thermostat could be partially open or even installed the wrong way. He said he took the car for a spin and the the dash showed it overheated but he checked the engine and he said it was fine. He also said there is no gases in the coolant. It's due to go back on Thursday. In the meantime the missus is going to take the car to the original garage who did the thermostat to bollock them and see what they say ( remember these are the guys that said a slipping clutch was causing the problem, £460 later it wasn't) if it turns out they changed the thermostat housing and not stat and charged me for them both, they come together, then we'll be asking for money back. I'll keep this thread updated just in case anybody else ever has problems similar mine. Thanks for all your hell so far, it's much appreciated, Aaron
  5. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    No we don't have the heating on at all. I've just been out to the car again and coolant looks fine, no foaming, idling there is still no foaming, rev the car and the little/thin pipe that feeds into the top of the expansion ( think it's direct from the block) is feeding coolant back into the tank and that's where the foaming is from, I'm sure that's the part water pump is pumping, (I could be wrong) could it possibly be that there was block somewhere there and the cleaner I used earlier in the week has finally cleared something out and for whatever reason it didn't come out when he flushed the rad and now that cleaner flush stuff is foaming up?
  6. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    As I mentioned earlier those bubbles weren't there until after I revved it up earlier and the coolant sprayed out, it like frothed the coolant up. When I popped out earlier they had gone and reappeared after I left it idling for a while. There's no puffing noise, its smells warm, so a big oily,
  7. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

  8. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    Prior to the coolant being done earlier in the week it was only ever topped up. The coolant is red. Seeing any bubbles is now impossible as my expansion tank looks like someone put some fairy liquid in it lol. From the arts of the rad I can see it looks fine, no damage or dirt. Thanks guys
  9. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    Just to clarify that the guy at the garage gave me some stuff to put in my expansion tank last week, he told me to run it for a few days and then he undid a little screw thing on the bottom of the radm drained the fluids and then refilled everything. There also a few bubbles in my expansion tank but I'm certain that's from earlier when I was trying to get the airlock out.
  10. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    Im not 100% sure! I think it's warning that the car is running too hot/overheating. Would a blocked/failed radiator cause the engine to be up to operating temp so quickly and then running hot super quick? I'm praying it is the radiator now,, I'd happily pay for a new one but fear the worst and that the head gasket could be gone.
  11. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    Just took it out for a spin, luckily I have duel carrageway within a few mins of house. A mile or so down it and the temperature gauge has gone right to the top and the coolant warning light has come on, fan was on all the way home, sounding like an airplane or a huge turbine is under the bonnet. Such a frustrating problem.
  12. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    Another update! Drove the car to the steepest hill I could find and did exactly as suggested, led it idle then gave it some revs (about 3k) whilst massaging the pipes. I then revved it at 4k revs for a minute all so and then all my coolant sprayed out the top of the expansion cap, It went everywhere. Don't know if that's a good sign or bad lol top rad pipe hotter than the bottom pipe which I noticed was warm ( has been stone cold prior ) i don't know if this is of any relavence but when the I squeeze the pipes there's no stiffness/pressure, it's super easy to squeeze.
  13. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    How do you guys think I should proceed? A new radiator is £50 inc vat, it doesn't look too difficult to do, just connect a few pipes I presume. Airlock wise, pop the expansion cap off and rev/massage pipes, that sort of stuff? Thanks
  14. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    Quick update.... The troubles continue. The radiator was flushed with rad clean and topped up with coolant. If anything the problem is worse. The fan is clicks onto its fastest speed within a couple of miles of leaving home from a cold start. The bottom rad pipe is cold, it's slightly warm towards the engine block but from the rad and 3/4 down the length of the pipe it's stone cold. Surely am engine that is hot, no matter how good the rad is, it wouldn't be good enough to turn boiling water cold would it????? Could it possably be a faulty thermostat I've had put on? Any way to check? Thanks for your help so far guys, it's appreciated.
  15. Strange Fusion Problem, Help Needed!!!

    Thanks for your reply jebel white;) Funnily enough a friend suggested I drain the system. Would I do that by just disconnecting the bottom rad pipe? It does only have water in at the moment as the mechanics that changed the water pump and the other stuff just filled it back up with water, I'll pick up so,e coolant and an expansion cap tomorrow. Many thanks