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  1. Hi there everyone :) Can anyone tell me what bulbs do I need for my new ST170 headlights. I've bought brand new ones and i'm fitting them to my Mk1. I'll be ordering adapters for the wiring soon, however I need to know what bulbs to order :) This is sidelight, dipped and main beam please :) I'll pick up indicators when I go to pick up some bulb holders from the breakers. Also, my car has what I think is a common problem on Zetecs, it has hanging revs. It'll hold when changing gear, drop to about 1500rpm, then eventually back to idle. I've done nothing yet to remedy this, i'm looking for ideas :) I've heard about sticky throttle bodies, I have noticed the accelerator is a bit harder to push than I would expect as well. Could a new cable help? Thank you :) One happy glad-to-be-back-in-a ford owner.
  2. Hi All

    Just recently acquired a 2000 Ford Focus 1.8. Was carless and looking for something cheap and it come up needing a wee touch of de-chavving but otherwise runs pretty well given it's 66% of the way to the moon at the moment! I'll post some pictures in a bit. It's rekindled my love for cars after some serious hatred with my last one, which was a Fiat. My focus definitely reminds me of my old Ford Escort SI which was my first car so maybe it's something to do with that too :)
  3. Hi guys, whats involved? I would also like to convert it to a V6 with 4 stud running gear to improve wheel choice, what is involved here? Are there any dedicated P100 sites? Just bought mine for £200 with 6 months tax and a years MOT, well chuffed with it :) Tah guys :)
  4. My new Frozen White Mk7 Zetec S

    Personally i think those wheels look too small. I think these would look the absolute mutts nuts on it: Clicky! B) Expensive though! Get them on finance or something haha!
  5. Changing my MK7 fiesta speakers from 4 to 6

    Where are the rear speakers in these? If they're by the parcel shelf, have a look for the wires. If the wires are behind the trim, try and get a cheap aftermarket set to chuck in :)
  6. Soon to have a Fiesta...

    Lol silvers nice, then again im not a big fan of red tbh. It only looks good on a few cars and mines not one haha. Be careful how much you bash it. You want it fairly near the original level then filler it over if worst comes to worst :)
  7. Soon to have a Fiesta...

    Not bolt on. Their welded. Ford wing design ftl. Otherwise i'd do exactly that, as i really hate bodywork! Don't worry, mines a diesel, i'd rather have your engine :P Colour? Mines bright red with ghetto bumpers! Sorry, unpainted.
  8. Soon to have a Fiesta...

    Haha i hate dents tbh. I'm not very good at filling them. Fibreglass work i'm fine at filling but not bodywork. Haha. What year is it?
  9. Soon to have a Fiesta...

    Yeah they look well alright actually. I'm just trying to keep costs down though, hence the budget ones :) Dw, mines got a nice long to do list that should keep me entertained for a while :D
  10. Soon to have a Fiesta...

    Ah fair enough then. I'll let you off. They have a sale on 13" trims atm, i was just looking as i'm gonna fix up and sell my diesel one to buy a petrol. £13.21 atm :) Clicky! Sure they're granny style, but they tidy up a car that doesnt have trims to no end!
  11. Soon to have a Fiesta...

    You meant 16" Mondeo Si alloys right ;)
  12. I have a dream!

    Don't worry i have some wierd !Removed! dreams too! Still, not as wierd as them, go get some help son
  13. Soon to have a Fiesta...

    Ah thats good, i'm in the same situation, except i have 2 cars to tinker with B) Haha, mine is impossobile to make look new really. Damn you ford, for not fitting unboltable wings! As for DIY, good lad, nothign better than getting your hands filthy playing with your nuts B)
  14. Soon to have a Fiesta...

    I dont know if yours has the dreaded rust btu if i were you, if it does, i'd rip the carpets up and have a good gander and see if you can see the road through the floor. I got told my £10 fezza had all the welding done, but found 3 more bits that need doing! Great time to give the carpets a good going at though! I'm doing the one out of mine as i type, and it was disgusting, it looks 100x better now! I honestly expected to have to jetwash it etc, but its coming up a treat just with an out of car hoover! I'm using a hose one an di think its because the carpets quite thing, it can suck air right through the carpets, so it's pulling all the old dirt through the carpets so they're looking like new again :)
  15. WIP: Ford Fiesta 1.8D LX 5 Door In Bright Red

    Well the petrol engines off the list haha! Might just do it up and sell it tbh, i really dont like Diesels haha! Can buy myself a nicer 1.25 petrol after i guess :) To be fair, i don't thik the list is too bad :)