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  1. hi all, i have just noticed in the last couple of days that when i take my foot of the brakes (ford focus 1.6 climate control, petrol, 2007) i hear a quiet what sounds like a whistle for only half a second or so, seems to do it when hard or soft breaking, never heard it before the other day, the brakes feel and work fine as they always have, so thought i would ask if anyone else has ever had this on a focus or ford in general. any ideas or advice would be great. thanks update..... i got my daughter to stand at the side of the car and went backwards and forwards applying the brakes and the whistle/ noise is coming from the passenger side rear drum brake, so need to get that looked at, there is no heat/smell/smoke.
  2. yeah we had some long drivers, its the angle thats the prob, going to try again,
  3. yeah we did remove the undertray and reach up, but because the collet is higher up and not straight behind the key barrel cant get the screwdriver straight because of the angle of going through the grill
  4. hi again, well i have been trying to do this with a mate but to no avail, my 07 climate seems to be a differant layout to the pics in the first post, . we got the rubber seal of the collet, but its further back and higher up than the pics, this makes it hard to get the screwdriver above the cable and flat against the collet + there is some part, maybe from AC or heater in the way. Things got worse to when i picked up my daughter and the car didnt start, had to bump it, which worked, so now im in double trouble, bit of a catch 22, cant fix one without the other, looks like more drastic action is required. not happy.
  5. hi all, firstly thanks for this guide, just been to get some fuel and thought may as well check oil/fluids and guess what, yep cant open my bonnet, so i have to get some long pliers and try this guide. spoke to my garage and was told the lock/cable+ fitting will be £150++++ so i hope this will work wish me luck cheers
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums wobbo :)

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