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  1. Great move, quite jealous! As said, seatcupra.net is a very good forum, i was on there years ago when i wanted to buy an Ibiza as my first car
  2. This is not fair! This place is completely, utterly and sadly different...
  3. Old timer reporting, i like to drop by every so often
  4. Seeing that the last post on this topic was made nearly 2 years ago, i'm guessing not any time soon!
  5. Will it cost us anything for the actual day? and do you know how long it will last? any more questions? maybe?
  6. Errrrm, i didn't when i had the MX-5 but now having a Fiesta rival (albeit 14 years apart!) i can appreciate the MK4 a lot more. The 1.25 in the fez is undoubtedly nippier than the 1.2 in my Corsa, and i don't know whether it's because the Fiesta was older, but it was a lot easier to thrash around a bit than the Vauxhall! I still like the Corsa though, it's more like a starter home, it's the 1 bed flat, i will get the 4 bed detached eventually!
  7. Long time no post... Good job on the new site layout and look, gold star. i miss the way this place used to be!
  8. I didn't feel it to be appropriate to infect the pictures with such vauxhallness! Great day, nice bunch of people. Sorted!
  9. Don't forget the crusty Corsa that will adorn the car park! Should be there for 1ish, i want to meet my parents coming back from their holiday so i have the potential to be a little late. If i am, i will be REALLY annoyed if a seat isn't left for me next to either Mark, Flic or Dan. Not that i'm being picky or anything...
  10. almost sounds like you'll remember to come
  11. Mine will hopefully be clean beforehand, whether the M6 and M1 will be kind to the car is another thing!
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