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  1. Michael P

    Think I May Have To Resign...

    Great move, quite jealous! As said, seatcupra.net is a very good forum, i was on there years ago when i wanted to buy an Ibiza as my first car
  2. Michael P

    Whats New?

    This is not fair! This place is completely, utterly and sadly different...
  3. Michael P

    Whats New?

    Old timer reporting, i like to drop by every so often
  4. Michael P

    First Successful Meet !

    Seeing that the last post on this topic was made nearly 2 years ago, i'm guessing not any time soon!
  5. Michael P

    Foc Meet - Meguiars Detailing Workshop

    Will it cost us anything for the actual day? and do you know how long it will last? any more questions? maybe?
  6. Michael P

    New Site Layout

    Errrrm, i didn't when i had the MX-5 but now having a Fiesta rival (albeit 14 years apart!) i can appreciate the MK4 a lot more. The 1.25 in the fez is undoubtedly nippier than the 1.2 in my Corsa, and i don't know whether it's because the Fiesta was older, but it was a lot easier to thrash around a bit than the Vauxhall! I still like the Corsa though, it's more like a starter home, it's the 1 bed flat, i will get the 4 bed detached eventually!
  7. Michael P

    New Site Layout

    Long time no post... Good job on the new site layout and look, gold star. i miss the way this place used to be!
  8. Michael P

    Foc Meet - Meguiars Detailing Workshop

  9. Michael P

    Foc Meet - Meguiars Detailing Workshop

    i should still be coming!
  10. Michael P

    Foc Meet - Meguiars Detailing Workshop

    yarp yarp yarp
  11. Michael P

    Foc Meet Report - Milton Keynes 16Th Oct 2011

    I didn't feel it to be appropriate to infect the pictures with such vauxhallness! Great day, nice bunch of people. Sorted!
  12. Michael P

    Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Don't forget the crusty Corsa that will adorn the car park! Should be there for 1ish, i want to meet my parents coming back from their holiday so i have the potential to be a little late. If i am, i will be REALLY annoyed if a seat isn't left for me next to either Mark, Flic or Dan. Not that i'm being picky or anything...
  13. Michael P

    Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    almost sounds like you'll remember to come
  14. Michael P

    Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Mine will hopefully be clean beforehand, whether the M6 and M1 will be kind to the car is another thing!
  15. Michael P

    Bye Bye Fiesta - Hello Volvo C30 R Design!

    OH i have that on my Corsa!