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  1. Castle Combe Pure Ford show

    I see Castle Combe are holding a Ford show on May 13th 2017. Details here >> http://pure-ford.com
  2. Peugeot buying Vauxhall ?

    As if Vauxhalls weren't bad enough already lol Peugeot in talks to buy GM's Vauxhall and Opel business http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38969791
  3. New Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Owner

    Hi, Ive looking at buying a P71 . Just an idea. How did you go about sourcing one, being as it's hard to view one due to its location . Also, how did you import it and what was the cost? :)
  4. Fiesta in the German WRC.

    wish i could drive like that. good skills 😊
  5. Powertrain icon (P0299 code)

    Legally, you can refuse the car if you've had it less than 30 days. I dont know where you get the 1 month idea from, used cars bought from a dealer are subject to the sale of goods act, you get 6 months to take it back for repair 😊
  6. Fiesta Zetec S 140PS joining the family.

    A couple of weeks ago, im sure they had a ZS in magnetic as a demo at Chipping Sodbury motor company.
  7. it was my attempt at sarcasm 😉
  8. my mats were plain black. My dealer said i could keep the mats out of my titanium with the fiesta logo. I wanna know why my start button didnt have ST on it....
  9. New car... Car matts?

    i thought all new cars came with mats, lower spec rubber, higher spec carpet. I prefer rubber, easier to keep clean and dont wear so much.
  10. Ive got me an ST3

    I'm 56 and have an ST with an RS coming soon, never too old. Tell her it's keeping you young otherwise you'll have to buy a beige micra and start wearing a flat cap and gloves when your driving See my parts for sale on thread "philf1s Spirit Blue Fiesta ST180 parts for sale" sounds like the plot of a horror film 😮😮
  11. Ive got me an ST3

    Thats when i get my RS Focus next year 😂 And it'll be RED!!!
  12. Ive got me an ST3

    she thought i was mad getting an ST3 as my Titanium was perfectly fine. Apparently im too old (44) She really did my head in. Letting her pick the colour gave her some say in the matter 😂😂 But you are right 😄
  13. Ive got me an ST3

    When i bought my Titanium , 2 yrs ago, i couldnt decide on a colour. My mrs chose midnight sky over red lol I wasnt that keen, but grew to really like it. I'll have a red car one day ..... 😂
  14. Ive got me an ST3

    i couldn't decide on what colour to get. Narrowed it down to Red or Blue. The mrs chose Blue...... It looks nicer in the flesh than in pics 😊