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  1. Sorry to hear that Jon. Fingers crossed you get it back sorted properly.
  2. Fitted my new LED number plate bulbs tonight, really pleased with the colour and look. I bought them off ebay Lightec Aiutostyle, very fast delivery. 2x XENON PURE WHITE 5 SMD LED SIDELIGHT / INTERIOR BULB T10 W5W 501 6000K 6K
  3. I think the headlights look ace, an excellent colour. We have the LED headlights and the rear lights look great too. I personally haven't driven the car in the dark yet.
  4. Hi Jon, Just ordered some 6000K xenon white 5 smd replacement bulbs for the time being, I'll keep your suggested replacement units in mind if I'm not happy with the look once they come. The replacement puddle lights I've seen that look great are as follows :- http://www.daytimebrightlites.com/Puddle_Lights_NL3C.html As said they look great but very expensive.
  5. Hi Jon, I've just been trying to change some of the bulbs on my wife's new Mondeo for LEDs. Eventually got the number plate lights out, there's no cutout in the lense for getting to the clip to release it. Which led bulbs did you use for the number plate? I'm looking for around 6000k bulbs, I want a nice pure white but not too bright. Have you had any problems with your bulbs, flickering etc? Also want to change the puddle lights out but I see they're sealed units and I can only see ones that are made in America and they're pretty expensive. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi, Just ordered a new Frozen White Mk5 Titanium X Pack with the following extras to replace my wife's current Titanium X Sport :- 19" alloys Bodystyling kit Rear spoiler Sports suspension Sony touchscreen with 12 speakers Parking sensors (front & rear) Has anyone fitted their front number plate without the standard front plate holder in situ as I fancy fitting shortened number plates? Now for the long wait, haha!!
  7. Footwell Lighting

    Excellent choice, I have the blue ones fitted in my Fiesta and red in my wife's Mondeo. Both look great. ;)
  8. Buzzing Noise Mk 7.5 1.0 Ecboost

    I get a buzzing noise from the back of mine too. Just really noticed it a few days ago too. I would say it's probably normal.
  9. I use Werkstat, very easy to use and gives great results. That's it wearing it's 8th coat of Werkstat Acrylic in the pics. :D
  10. Car looks great Wullie. Always look better lowered, nice and shiny too. ;)
  11. De-Badging Help Mk7.5

    I use a piece of dental floss or string along with a hair dryer. Get the floss / string in the back of the badge while heating the badge area gently with the hair dryer. Run the floss / string up and down while moving along the back of the badge to loosen it. The badge should then easily pull off. Remove the remaining sticky stuff off with some tar and glue remover eg. Autosmart Tardis / Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover. Best if there's two of you as the badge can scratch the paintwork with the movement while being eased off. Easy job really, hope this helps.
  12. Cheers neps, yes they're just the optional 17" Ford alloys. I think the lowering makes them look bigger :) ................ which is good. ;)
  13. Hi, Some pics of my car now lowered on -35mm H&R springs and I've also fitted some mudflaps from Performance Creations at the same time.
  14. My New Race Red Mk7.5 Zetec S Ecoboost

    Sorry guys for the late reply, been away the last couple of days. I just bought one set of bulbs for the footwells (you get x2 bulbs in a set).