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  1. Hey guys been a wile since I've been on here. Got stuck on my project but I finally got past it and moved forward. I got my car up and running finally after doing a engine swap. Wished I could put up a video to show you guys how it sounds. I'll keep more updates when I do more just waiting for the weather to change.
  2. Hey everybody I have a 67' ford falcon that I'm doing a Rusto Mod, I got it a little over a year ago. It was 90% original machine numbers everything. So far I've put black primer on it. Now I have swapped engines. Originally had a straight 6, but now has a 302 in it. Right now I'm doing the exhaust getting it ready (of course it's duel exhaust). The mufflers I'm using are Smithy's Patriot Glass pack, same ones they use on the 30's and 40's hot rods so should sound nice. I will keep posting pics and tell what I have done. The exhaust is pritty much straight pipe, it is going to come out in front of the rear tires I've always like the exhausts that come out the side of the hot rods and muscle cars they looked amazing and yes it will be loud.
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    Yea the thing is over here lots of people take the old muscle and classic cars and turn them into drag cars and then crash them. Now finally people realizing that there are disappearing quick so now they are actually restoring them Sent from my C6916 using Ford OC mobile app
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    Thank you everyone, yes jeebo I am based out of America and I am amazed that there are not to many of them out torwds your way. I am trying to get into The Falcon Club of America so I can see more of them because over here they are still hard to find to. I will do the build thread to keep updates Sent from my C6916 using Ford OC mobile app
  5. my car

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    Hi my name is Bo, I'm new on here. I wanted to join a sight that I can keep and show my progress on my car. I have a 1967 Ford Falcon Sports Coupe. It cam with a straight 6 in the car less than 90,000 miles. I just got done putting in a 302 and a new transmission, now I got to get my exhaust system in. And other stuff, to much to say in one post. Hope u stop by to look at my progress on it I'll keep updating it. Sent from my C6916 using Ford OC mobile app
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums icemanbam503 :)

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