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  1. Turbo Issue

    P.S I've contacted a local company in Manchester to see how much a recon/repair would be. Josh
  2. Turbo Issue

    Hi all, My Mk1 2004 1.8 TDCI (115PS) requires a replacement turbo, Before I Strip it I was hoping to get a replacement ordered first - Does anybody know the part number at all so I can look on eBay? I'm struggling to find one as most are for the TDDI or newer variants. Thanks, Josh
  3. I've Really Derped...

    Yeah the 2.0 would be nice. What are the major differences other than diff headlights etc?
  4. I've Really Derped...

    It's only the top bit. It must still be working as I'm getting no errors and the plug is in enough, I think. I'm thinking of moving it on soon for a newer focus. Just can't make my mind up for Mk2 or mk2.5 and whether 1.6 Diesel or Petrol.
  5. I've Really Derped...

    Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting back tyo this. A mate of mine came round and helped me. I managed to have a spare starter motor and my old glow plugs. Changed the glowplug, I Couldn't get the 3rd one out but it still fires and the hole is sealed so I'm leaving it. Removed the Starter and 3 teeth were broken, checked the o-ring on the flywheel and it looked OK. Swapped Starters and managed to get her to start. No abnormal noises/knocks and a week later she has been driving perfectly. I still need to blank that EGR though :D
  6. I've Really Derped...

    Hi all; Feeling like an absolute numpty right now... I had my car MOT'd and it passed with flying colours after some new discs and pads. I was going to blank off my EGR but the bolts were siezed pretty tight. I sprayed a bottle of EGR Cleaner into the EGR....Started the engine up about an hour ago and it made a horrible noise and since then it won't start It barely attempts to tick over.. The glowplug lights were flashing I'm worried I've probably siezed it. it won't start now it just makes a horrible whirring noise like a fan or something and all the dials shake as if it's a low battery. So far I removed the glowplugs (All the tips were white and stunk of this EGR Stuff) Left to air overnight... Tried to be jumpstarted...no avail. Sadly I broke one of the glowplugs when removing (musnt have been copper greased) - It's stuck in the hole currently but I'm sure that I can get it out... Any advice on what to check? Is it possible I've flooded/siezed the engine? I was thinking potentially starter motor gone but I'm out of my depth here. Car is currently broken down outside my house..... Oh and OBD2 reader brings no fault codes. Thanks, Josh.
  7. Several Issues I Could Do With Advice On

    Hello all. I found the leak! I'm 99% sure this is the Thermostat housing now.
  8. Several Issues I Could Do With Advice On

    P.S thanks for all the replies and help so far!
  9. Several Issues I Could Do With Advice On

    Good suggestion, when I had a brief look earlier the Starter motor and alternator were wet so I guess you may be on the money here!! Is it an easy fix? I have all the tools and have done alternator/starter changes before.. Not checked this, I thought that cleaning the EGR twice and a terraclean would have done it but you could be right. Hoses are OK, no holes either Not something I have considered as it seems to be running fine and also the oil/coolant dont appear to be mixing but will check.
  10. Hi all, my 1.8 TDCI 2004 has had a few EGR problems over the last few months which only occurs on motorway driving. P0401 insufficient flow. I have cleaned it out twice with EGR cleaner and even had a Terraclean and it keeps coming back. This is putting my car in limp mode which is also affecting my MPG. i keep clearing it with ObD2 but it keeps coming back On this engine could I just stick a blanking plate on and what are the pros and cons? I wanted to take the Inlet manifold off to clean it all out but it looks a pain. My second problem is I am losing coolant, but there is no visible signs of a leak. I had a new waterpump fitted 6 months ago. I have checked everywhere and can see no leaking but it's using at least 1 litre a week. Any advice/Suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am doing a 500 mile + round trip next week so would like to sort it for then. Thanks, Josh.
  11. What's Going On?

    Ok; Will start with fuses in the morning.... see if they're OK. Then if they are will look at relay. Just doesn't make any sense!
  12. What's Going On?

    Ok thanks will check in morning. Is this what I need if it's gone? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-mk1-98-05-wiper-relay-5-pin-PA66-GF25-/121473584131?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1c4863cc03 or is there something else also? Thanks
  13. What's Going On?

    Hi all, It was really frozen the other day and I left my wipers on the Stork so when I turned my over they tried moving some ice.... Turned them off subsequently and now even a day after my front and rear wipers won't work and neither will my jet sprays.... When I click the stork up no matter what position nothing happens. Would this just be a relay? Or is something burnt out? Any tips? Cheers, Josh.
  14. Mk1 Focus Strange Noise

    Hi all, Checked it all over today and it appears you were bang on with it being the Alternator! I got it checked by a Garage and was there whilst doing it and it was making the awful racket. Where is the best place to get a replacement from? and Will I be best getting the coupling etc too? Thanks.
  15. Mk1 Jerking

    Maybe HT leads or Spark plugs? Maybe a good service as above.