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  1. Brake Fluid Low Light On Dash Help!!!

    the m.o.t bloke said the nothing wrong with the car he check it from top to bottom . he says just ignore it lol happy days :D :D
  2. Brake Fluid Low Light On Dash Help!!!

    Just to let you all no the car past its m.o.t with the fault on the car :-D
  3. Brake Fluid Low Light On Dash Help!!!

    will it not looks like am in for a big bill to day :cry:
  4. Brake Fluid Low Light On Dash Help!!!

    thanks for the comments ave been to ford and they say its got some thing to do with the ecu . my m.o.t to day so hope it pass .
  5. Brake Fluid Low Light On Dash Help!!!

  6. hello people I have mk.2.5 focus and my brake fluid low light keep going on when I turn the car on . the brake fluid is fine and just had my disc and pads done last mouth can any one help please . ave got it booked in at the garage on Thursday but it might just be a quick fix
  7. Helllllllpp !!!!!!

    I been to ford, evans and a 4x4 garage and none have seen this b4 so ill go to a auto electrician some time . any help be grate
  8. Helllllllpp !!!!!!

  9. Helllllllpp !!!!!!

    just had a look and the not a setting for it
  10. Helllllllpp !!!!!!

    it has nether happed b4 to me . I tried putting the light on manual off but still looks like am flashing at car lol
  11. Helllllllpp !!!!!!

    hello can any one help me plz my cars being funny. it was raining on the way to work so my window wipers came on but my lights came on too .but when the wipers stop the light went off . the wipers where going on and off as normal but it looked like I was flashing my lights at ppl . can any one help plz thanks for any help my car a mk2 facelift focus 1.6 titanium tdci . and my brake fluid low light comes on with that to and I've check it and its fine .
  12. Turbo Gauge Help

    Hello ppl ave got a mk 2 focus 1.6 tdci . and ave just got a turbo gauge for it but I need a (Self Sealing Nipple Tap) for the turbo hose pipe to connect to the turbo pipe . I cant find one any where can any one help plz p.s cheap as well as on a budget Lol thanks
  13. What Is This Lol

    Lol thanks
  14. What Is This Lol