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  1. Issues Fitting Alternator Drive Belt

    I have the proper tool for taking off the tension. But still doesnt seem to be far enough. I hit something solid and cant go any further. But the belt is no where near slipping on. I'm about half way down the idler pulley. Just wondering if there was a trick to get this done or not. I have been hanging off the bar and attached a ratchet to it to give me more leverage. It moves a bit but hits something solid and wont budge any further, but still not far enough to slip the belt on
  2. Issues Fitting Alternator Drive Belt

    I am unfortunately. Have to do it on a night time and the wife isn't too keen getting all dirty. I can get it to move a fair amount but I am about half a pully short of getting it on there. Seems to hitting something and stopping short. But cant see what it might be hitting or whether there is an easier way of doing this??
  3. Hi all, The alternator went on my 2006 115PS Mondeo diesel. I bought a new one from Europarts with a new belt. Bought a tool from laser to take the tension. But to be honest its a nightmare and cannot get the blet back on. It feels as if the adjuster is hitting something. If I detach the lower bolt on the spring for the adjuster I can slip the belt on. But then there is no way of compressing the spring to put the bolt back in. Is there something I am missing trying to use the tool to take the tension off the belt to fit it?? Been on this for 2 days now. Getting fed up and need my car back on the road. Please help
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