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  1. Rikka

    No Power

    Sorry guys I shoulda said,,,, it was the turbo actuator/arm I was talking about,,,, lol ,,,,,as I said earlier I was told about the turbo actuator /arm seizes up from my son,,,,, so my son went out last night and soaked the actuator/arm with wd40,,,,, and 2day when I went out the acceleration seeeemd a bit better,,, and it didn't seem so dead as it was yesterday, at full throttle so ill give it a bit longer and give it a bit more time and more wd40 and see what happens,,,and fingers crossed, as far as im thinking lol :-) thnx 4 ur time peeps :-)
  2. Rikka

    No Power

    Thanx guys for your replys ,,,,, james im gonna change the fuel filter soonish but that was changed a couple of months ago but some one said that the actuator/arm seizes up on these models ,,,,do you or any one know how to test it, to see if the actuator/arm is working or if the actuator/arm can be moved when not running as I cant move this one,,,, but on my starlet turbo I can move that one ok ? thanks :-)
  3. Rikka

    No Power

    Hi every1,,,,,,, I have just bought a 54plate 1.4 diesel fusion yesterday, i took it out on an urban test run, and it was great everything was perfect ,but when on the journey home, As i was entering the motorway it just didnt seem to have any to much umph and was slow on throttle response...... Going for a little drive today i realised that if i put my foot near to half throttle the car would pick up a bit quicker but if i go for full throttle the car has a lot less acceleration and power. It seems to me that i only have halfish of the throttle. I am new to diesels and not sure what it may be can anyone help me :-) thanks Rikka
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Rikka :)

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