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  1. Roll Restrictor

    anyone knows if it will fit a mk7 metal??
  2. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    Thanks mate
  3. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    E5gdm Thanks mate, do you know what size pipe(diameter), 2", 2 1/4," or 2 1/2", ect ? Can you measure this for me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7snt7ztwuceelwg/cat-back.jpg?dl=0 Almost certain it will fit Thanks in advance
  4. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    Thats the one mate, Gary can you please crawl under youre car and measure some pipes for me
  5. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    Cant find my digital camera, so made a video with my sh*t phone4s,.. not really useful, sounds like white noise In real life it sounds like the standart fiesta metal exhaust sound?? Just a tat louder couse I have replaced the mittle box with a straight pipe. Sounds like MPX want that crispy standart exhaust sound and not a race car/boyracer, then the sportex pipe is the cheapest salution 55£ Mountune mk7 cat back I think would sound wery sweet(not too loud), look at youtube, 250£ if I remember correct But there a tons of exhaust systems, really comes down to you´re wallet and opinion. When my backbox goes to the other side I will look into if the new mountune ST catback exhaust will fit the Metal Edition(I may be a little Yellow) I´ll do some better ones when I find the camera. Cheers
  6. New Tyres For A Fiesta Metal?

    The "new" brigdestone Tunanza mayby, same thing in denmark where I live.Even same price here :) I will try them next time unless, my wallet is fat then I´ll get some R888´s
  7. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    winemart2 Cant compare the metal,4 cylenders 1,6L N/A and ecoboost 3 cylenders 1,0 turbo, they will never sound the same, I dont care if my metal have 134 hk or 144hk ect, its all aboud torque for me, how it pulls, mine pulls alot better after I cut out the mittle box , changed the intake and ignition. After that I went Mad bought preformence brake hoses, sports discs / pads , struct brace, mountune short shifter and gearknob,eibach pro suspention ect, now it feels/drive/preformes a hole lot better.Just to make a good car better and for trackdays.(petrolhead lifestyle) :P MPX309 Maybe call ford for a price on a new metal backbox, but I guess you have to buy the full system from ford, or the sportex center pipe,I´ll put up the video in a cuple of hours Phil 87 is spot on(guess you are my brother from a nother mother)then again its all about personal reference/oppentions
  8. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    MPX309 I know its a headache, it took me a year to dicide If you want it louder go for a Sportex center pipe http://www.sportex-exhausts.com/Ford-Fiesta-MK7-2008-on-16i-Zetec-S-Hatchback/cat/4/sub/56/subsub/66 you still have a little bit of raspy and farty sound, which I like (big fan of rallycross/rally) If you want to get rid of the raspy/farty sound go for a quality backbox and save the rest of the money or go for others upgrades :D I will make a video tomorrow maybe you will get a step closer to dicide If it was a st, there is only one option: :PFiesta Metal in uk, is called Fiesta sport street edition(only came in panther black) in denmark?!? wtf Ford
  9. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    thanks mate ^_^
  10. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    MarksST Are u sure? Mine looks just like the standart one.. the one on the metal is a 2 1/4"(55mm inside diameter/zetec S 47mm) sorry if Im wrong Will-mk7 Was ur s1600 the 120hk or the 134 hk?
  11. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    Phil 87 The metal edition and the st have the same exhaust system, same diameter .. Box in the middle and backbox, I have cut out the middle box and replaced it with a "racetube"(strait pipe) from sportex. It´s a little smaller and fits perfect inside the standart exhaust, then slam on a clamp, tighten the bolts and enjoy ur "new" sports exhaust 80£ total ;) The mountune exhaust will ba a little louder do to its stainless steel(cost 10 times more) Will try and make a video if u want to hear it
  12. Is A Cat Back The Same As A De Cat?

    You are right Phil, non resonated is louder, the extra thing on the resonated is a "mittle box" that remove some of the sound. I got a metal and have just removed my mittle box, sounds so sweat now. Moongouse makes some nice exhaust, resonate/non resonated(catback) and cheaper then milltek and mountune ect.
  13. Bumper Differences? Mk7 &7.5

    Cant see why it not would fit, from looking at the pictures.. screws insted of rivets old one off/new one on :)
  14. Wheel Centre Cap Overlays

    Hi I just ordered some yellow ones for my metal from this guy: gelbadges.com , should get them in a couple of days :)
  15. Ecoboost

    Hi.. try and look at these. http://www.fordpartsuk.com/ http://www.eurotuningshop.com/sklep/fiesta-mk7-fl-2013-up.html or ebay, maybe you can find them in the color you need. But it will cost, first the parts, then paint and fitting if you cant do it youself I say go for it if you want to spend the money, its not that difficult, just dont rush it I find it funny and its my hobby, so far i´ve used 2-3000£ + 1000£ next month, but its a way of life, i guess Hope it helps ;)