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  1. Oil Pump

    Hi, need the oil pump replacing in my 2001 1.8 tddi, anyone have any idea what this is likely to cost. Thanks for any info.
  2. Oil warning light

    No the oil level is okay, but now the oil light is staying on yet there's no knocking from the engine. Mechanic has told me £30+ for a diagnostic test, pressure test I assume. Put some engine flush through but no luck there.
  3. Oil warning light

    Okay, it's not the pressure switch, put a new one in and light is still flickering, so any ideas would be much appreciated
  4. Oil warning light

  5. Oil warning light

    Not sure what's causing this. Oil light on my 01 1.8 tddi had started to flicker a few days ago so topped up with a litre of 5w30, now light is starting to stay on when engine is warmed up, halfway mark on temp gauge. Driving home tonight I noticed the engine seemed a little more "ticky" than usual and when I pulled up I gave it a good rev and a LOT of black smoke poured out the pipe. Please tell me this is something simple like a pressure switch and not a dead/dying engine. Car has 115,000 on the clock and has been pretty good up to now.
  6. TDDI EGR Valve

    Cheers mate, thought it looked too easy :)
  7. TDDI EGR Valve

    Has anyone cleaned their EGR valve? Been looking to do mine on a mk1 01 tddi but can't seem to find any info. Found a vid on youtube but it was in Romanian and all he did was remove the inlet pipe and spray engine cleaner into the egr housing, surely it's not that simple??
  8. Water pump probs

    Okay, all sorted. Turns out it was the big water hose to the thermostat that was leaking, clever mechanic hose from Ford £10, removed and replaced myself, with lots of cuts and swearing, in only 4 hours :D
  9. Water pump probs

    To be honest, right now just the hose size would be a great help if anyone knows it, interior/outer diameter just so I can get the right one for the job.
  10. Water pump probs

    Just took this pic, red arrows show leaking hose with clips on. It's really rotted at left end.
  11. Water pump probs

  12. Water pump probs

    Just had a new water pump fitted to my 01 1.8 tddi, now after paying £110 for that, I've been told the top hose to injector pump has two holes in it which need sorting asap. been quoted 20-30 quid for hose which apparently is main dealer only, then another 60+ quid for fitting. question is, is this a easy/hard job to do myself or a real swine to do and best left to garage. Thanks for any help
  13. Blower switch

    Great, thanks for that, I'll get right on it. :)
  14. Blower switch

    Hope someone can help with this. The blower in my 01 focus tddi only operates on the number 4 setting. Works fine except it's going to be either red hot or stone cold. Any help would be really appreciated :)
  15. CV Boot

    Thanks for that mintalkin, really useful. Went with the stretchy boot as the guy in the factors said it should go on without removing the tripod, anything for an easy life :) ...then again, if I'd wanted it easy I shouldn't have bought a Ford