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  1. Works intermittently. That will do for now !
  2. Thanks to all for the suggestions.
  3. Module ( under driver seat ) tests faulty ! New module on order but may take a while !
  4. The fobs are admin fobs. Doesn't set at all. Hold button in for as long as you like but no beep and no position set.
  5. Thanks for that. It's what I thought. The screen is OEM and clean so I guess it's probably that the sensor is not communicating or the module isn't seeing it.
  6. Anything would be helpful !
  7. Does anyone have a schematic for the seat / mirror memory function. As far as I know mine has not worked from new and Ford are being less than helpful with my local dealer. Martin
  8. Can anybody advise where the City Stop sensor is located? Mine has failed and I get periodic messages to clean the screen. No amount of cleaning seems to cure it ! ?? Martin
  9. My Vignale has suddenly (at 11k ) developed a horrendous screech which I initially thought was something trapped in a disc. All calipers were however cool, and I have concluded that it is the fist sign of EPAS failure - which has been a major problem with many models of car and truck - in fact leading to Ford being sued in USA. Fortunately under warranty since there are no serviceable parts - including Control modules and sensors - which means a complete replacement unit (VERY expensive ). HAVE YOU SEEN SIMILAR PROBLEMS ANYONE ..?
  10. Hi Just swapped my trusty Modeo for a 2016 Vignale. My 2010 Mondeo ( Titanium x ) had a beautiful CD system which was simple to use and gave great sound. It also loaded 6 CDs straight into the dashboard unit and gave options for switching from one CD to another as well as track selection. I assumed that the "all singing" Vignale would have at least as good a system, but I can find no reference to CD autochange or loading multiple CDs. Is this a step backwards or is it just that I haven't found out how to do it ?? Martin
  11. Hi Sadly, my heater takes as long to warm up as the temp.gauge does to move ! After 50+years with most makes of car I have learned that temp. gauges are notoriously inaccurate and that " norm" is where they are normally. For example, at full working temp. some gauges only reach a third of the way between cold and hot sectors. I have often replaced temp. gauges and find that the new one shows a completely different display to the old one - just a matter of calibration I guess ? As far as engine wear is concerned I do not think there is a significant problem with modern oils which are so thin even when cold that they are still performing their function. In fact, I am sometimes concerned by oils which run at 0SAE-5SAE when hot, as they have little chance to coat worn parts. However, I have confidence that the engineering genii ( geniuses ?? ) at the oil companies and the vehicle manufacturers understand it better than myself.
  12. You are right of course but most people judge "engine warmup" by how quickly they feel warmth from the heater. The higher the thermostat rating, the longer it takes to open a flow of hot water to the radiator and thus to the heater matrix, so the longer it takes to feel the car ( interior ) warming up.
  13. I have the same problem with my Mk4 2L163, i.e. takes forever to warm up. I did some research a while back and dicovered that the thermostat (coolant) only comes in one type. Not possible to change to summer / winter like we used to ! The opening temp. of the standard stat is extremely high - over 90 deg - which is why it takes so long to warm up. Apparently this is just the way they are, so I have resigned myself to it !!
  14. I was looking for a "limp mode" post and came across this which does not quite describe my problem. I have a Mk4 Modeo Estate Auto. ( 36K ) and I went out this morning and hit a bump on a very wet surface. Got immediate wheel spin and the car went into limp mode. About a mile further on the "Engine Malfunction" display came on and I pressed OK and it disappeared. A little further on it came out of limp mode and drove normally.I stopped in a lay-by and turned ignition off. When I restarted it was in limp mode again and again the Engine Malfunction display came on. After another mile, came out of limp mode and drove normally. Same happened next time I stopped. Any ideas ?? Martin
  15. Hi All I have recently acquired a 2010 Mk4 Mondeo Titan x Estate Auto. with 31k on the clock after having a Honda accord Tourer for only a few months ( too small internally for my needs ). Up to last year I had a 250BHP T5 V70 and never had a problem with it in 13 years. Prior to that I had a full spec.Mk3 Granada Scorpio which was superb ( apart from bodywork problems ) and way in front of its time. The only thing which disturbs me with the Mondeo is transmission whine at low speed in 1st gear ( and possibly 2nd ). This is not particularly noticeable unless you are crawling along with the window down, but seems very similar to the kind of whine often heard when a vehicle is reversed ( if that makes sense ? ). Has anyone noticed this type of noise - is it a normal characteristic of this gearbox, or should I suspect a problem ? Martin