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  1. I have recently sold my Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost 125PS and restored my vehicle map to stock before sale. As I had bought my Bluefin unit less than 12 months ago Superchips agreed to reset and blank the handset, which they have done, (emails available to confirm), and it is now good to use on another Ecoboost engined car. The unit is as new, boxed with all leads etc. and is marked product code BF-06- FORDE-T. and is labelled for Ecoboost 1.0 100PS, 125PS, 1.6 150PS, 182PS, ST Mk3 2.0 250PS. If anyone is interested please PM me. I also have a new unused full size spare wheel and Continental tyre, jack, wheelbrace kit, etc.
  2. Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost Mybluefin Remap Issue

    Rory I found Superchips very helpful following an issue I had recently with my Bluefin remap regarding high exhaust emissions at MOT time. I called them and got through promptly to their technical assistance line. Basically removing the map and restoring to stock and then downloading and installing an updated map largely resolved the issue for me.
  3. Thanks Ian for that bit of information, good advice especially for those 1.0 Ecoboost owners coming up for their first MOT test at three years old.
  4. David I think they all claim emissions will be within UK MOT test requirements, however this wasn't the case for my car as per my previous post. Without getting my car on a rolling road I obviously cant verify that it still meets the claimed outputs, however after only 5 minutes of driving it was very clear to me that the power was nowhere near as immediate as with the first map that they sent me, on which I had covered some 3000 miles and was very happy with. I have returned the car to original stock setting for comparison and any gains now with the new 'fuelling issues' map are really only evident above 3000rpm. Very disappointing.
  5. An Interesting development I encountered with the Superchips map. My car had been running fine since installation of the map back in June, however when I look the car in for its first MOT last week it failed the emissions test spectacularly. Fast idle CO was around 2% whereas it should be under 0.2%. I called Superchips and they advised that a later map was available to download to deal with 'fuelling issues' with this engine. After installing the new map the emissions were ok and within limits, HOWEVER the performance is far less punchy than before and feels far closer to the stock Ford map. Disappointing, as prior to the MOT I was extremely happy with the performance increase.
  6. Gearbox differences? 1.0 Ecoboost?

    Sorry to hear about your gearbox problems James. It's certainly worth a try to get a goodwill payment out of Ford as the car is just out of warranty. I have the same model as yourself also running the Bluefin remap for a few months now. As a matter of interest what kind of mileage had your vehicle covered when the gearbox problems arose?
  7. Damn, VAT free offer back, I bought my Bluefin a month ago Never mind I did manage to negotiate 10% discount so it was around £366. For the benefit of those members considering the Superchips upgrade I have no regrets whatsoever, the extra power is addictive. This morning I drove from Essex to Warwickshire via M11 and A14 around 180 miles in less than 3 hours including a quick coffee and comfort stop halfway. The mid range punch is so much better and makes 5th gear overtakes a breeze. Just have to watch the speedo especially with all the cameras along this route. Negatives? Well economy has definitely suffered but I put that down mainly to the fact that I am using the extra power so bound to use more fuel. However even when I try to drive economically before I managed over 47mpg now best is around 40. This morning my average was 39.3 mpg on Shell V-Power Nitro+. I have also noticed that the engine note is a bit deeper and more gruff sounding but maybe that is intake noise as obviously more air is being sucked in together with the extra fuel. I have no other engine mods other than the Bluefin remap. I hope these comments will be of help to members considering MORE POWER!
  8. Will I notice the power difference?

    Three weeks ago I installed a Superchips Bluefin remap and I can honestly say you will definitely notice the difference. Especially mid range pull between 2500 to 4000rpm in fifth is vastly improved, I have embarrassed quite a few BMW and Audi outside lane bullies by how quickly I can leave them behind. It added about £50 to my annual insurance premium and cost less than £400 which was definitely money well spent.
  9. Don't get too focused on fuel consumption, for me covering 7000 miles in a year the difference between 42mpg and 48mpg is around 20 gallons of fuel, so about £100. Well worth it, now I've bothered to work it out I will drive harder all the time
  10. I've not had time to do an accurate full tank to full tank refill check, but the trip computer over the last 360 miles averaged 43.3mpg compared with my pre-remap average over the same journey of around 47.5mpg. Its not really a fair comparison as I was driving harder than usual with quite a few spirited overtakes. I use Shell V-Power Nitro+ super unleaded as I have done for the past year as I find the engine runs more smoothly and pulls better at low rpm. To be quite honest with you Damian I am not really too bothered about slightly worse mpg as I only do around 7000 miles a year and in the grand scheme of things the fuel cost difference pales into insignificance compared with the dreaded depreciation. Bottom line, the car is far more enjoyable to drive and well worth the extra cost.
  11. I decided to go for the Superchips remap last week, no regrets whatsoever. Very easy to install with the Bluefin plug and play unit, (many thanks Willy for your video guide and other useful information on this forum). A fast cross-country trip up to the Midlands from Essex yesterday (M11/A14) revealed far punchier acceleration without loss of bottom end flexibility. Fuel consumption was a bit heavier but that was mainly due to me exploiting what was now on offer and well worth the penalty. 31bhp increase on top of 123 is quite a lot, however my annual insurance premium only went up by £52 (Esure) so again, well worth it. Mind you I am an old codger of 66 so maybe younger members will get penalised more heavily. My Ford warranty expires in September anyway so I wasn't so concerned about that aspect. I think used sensibly this is an excellent upgrade to go for at less than £400, but make sure you get your insurance quote before you buy!
  12. Braking Issue/maybe

    James I did try some fairly heavy braking tactics to try and clean up the discs when I first noticed the problem but it didn't really improve matters. If anything they gradually got worse rather than better. I think the root cause was that the previous owner was probably fairly light on the brake pedal and maybe did a lot of short trips. If the car stands for long periods corrosion and pitting can build up on the discs. I originally intended to use aftermarket discs and pads, I had used EBC before and had always been happy with them. However parts would be around £120 so I didn't think the Ford fully fitted price was too bad. I believe they use Motorcraft parts and although I did have some reservations about using the same as original this didn't appear to be a widespread problem with later Fiestas, so I put it down to the fact that maybe Ford had a duff batch of discs at the time of build.
  13. Braking Issue/maybe

    Hi James I had exactly the same issue as you when I bought my 9 months old Ecoboost 125 with 9000 miles on the clock. I assumed the same as you and thought it may be rust on the discs. I also suspected an ABS issue but as the pulsing rate varied with road speed it was more likely to be run-out on the discs. Sometimes it was more noticeable than others, and I had the slow speed pulsing as well. I had the local dealer check it out when in for service and he said there was corrosion and pitting on discs, and offered to skim the discs for £200. No thanks! Eventually I found a Ford main dealer that was willing to fit genuine replacement discs and pads at Ford's £175 fixed price repair price (normally only applicable to cars more than 4 years old) and the problem was solved. The car has been much nicer to drive since then. Incidentally when doing the job they found that one of the front brake callipers was partially seized so they had to free that off as well. Hope this is of help to you.
  14. Ecu Remap W/ Black Box

    Nick Not a smart idea to try to hide this information from your insurance company. You are only 17 and at the start of your motoring career. Better to build up your no claims bonus over the next 3 or 4 years and then look at performance upgrades, but if you are anything like I was at your age (fifty years ago!) I was always getting bored and changing cars every few months . Mainly old bangers bought from the local car auctions and rarely costing more than £100, and often making a profit when reselling them.
  15. Oil Catch Can For 1.0 L

    Why bother mucking about with things that are more likely to cause problems than prevent any? Regular oil and filter changes are the most important factors in extending engine life and if you are worried about oil contamination your time and money would be better spent in carrying these out more frequently.