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  1. Focus Cc Bumper On Mk2 Hatchback.

    Fitted the bumper, all went well, had to replace a few of the rusty bolts connecting the bumper to the wing, which were a bit of a pain to get out. Here's a few pictures before and after, just need to spray the top grille gloss black to match the lower grille and fog surrounds. Also number plate needs putting on....
  2. Focus Cc Bumper On Mk2 Hatchback.

    Cool, thanks again.
  3. Focus Cc Bumper On Mk2 Hatchback.

    I ordered those along with the fog light spacers the other day, was in two minds whether or not I would need them, but I thought I'd get those too, so a good job really. It's hard to find much information on UK sites about fitting and the parts needed. Most of the sites I looked at were Russian and I had to use google translate!!!
  4. Focus Cc Bumper On Mk2 Hatchback.

    Ok thanks, are these the deflectors you're talking about? The finis codes are, 1497321, 1497322 & 1497323 (i think).
  5. Focus Cc Bumper On Mk2 Hatchback.

    Thanks, I'm going to go ahead and get them they only work out at £20 with postage for both. Just had an email. Yeah the cc bumpers are much better, with everything and paint probably works out about £320. Would of liked it to be a bit cheaper, but needed my existing bumper re-sprayed or replaced anyway so it's all good.
  6. Evening I have a focus cc bumper in for a re-spray at the moment, once i get it back i'm going to be fitting it to a mk2 hatchback, I have the grille, fogs and fog surrounds ready to go, but after browsing on how to fit it i've come across a few russian sites with brackets and i'm wondering if they are actaully needed. (google translate doesn't make much sense) The codes for the brackets are below, the triangle things (1367486/1367485) look like the attach to the exising brackets on the car already (1335698/1335699). What i can guess from the russian sites is that they add a bit of strength, can anyone shred any light? Thanks. Finis 1335698/1335699 brackets above triangle things. Finis1367486/1367485 right/left triangle brackets.
  7. If you mean the scuttle panel, then as far as I can remember there's just clips that pull off, around 7 or 8, you'll have to remove the wipers too.
  8. Faulty Head Unit?

    Thanks for the advice/help, hopefully I'll crack it sooner or later.
  9. Faulty Head Unit?

    I'll try grounding the amp to the same ground as the head unit as you said, before I try anything else. Any idea where the stock ground is located? As far as I can find there is one behind the dash and one by the b pillar for audio. I can't find the one behind the dash at all. So if I can't find it I'll try to find a new ground again. The amp is connected from the pre-outs at the headunit.....so a high level output may work better instead? I did go to a car audio place by where I work and he said it was the headunit, but he didn't really care too much and had a feeling he was just trying to get me to spend money on a new one.
  10. Faulty Head Unit?

    I'm getting the normal sound through the sub but with the added noise the headunit is making. It sounds like some kind of bad earth/ignition noise. But it's strange as I can only hear it with a cd. I can hear the disc spin/load as I said, sounds a bit like the old dial up internet noise to start off with. Then a constant noise in the background when music is playing. If it was a bad earth wouldn't i be getting the noise all of the time? It's only with a cd. The radio is ok and so in the aux in-put too. There's nothing else running from the amp. I have after market tweeters and front/rear door speakers but they're running off the headunit at the moment. So just 1 amp powering 1 sub. Nice one for the reply too.
  11. My Focus Mk2 1.8Tdci Titanium

    Sounds straight forward enough to fit the rear bumper anyway, I thought the light connectors may be different, I'd prob have a go at spraying it myself.The mk2.5 tail lights look a lot better, there's a guide on here on how to fit them. I did it different though, I managed to keep the original bulb holders. I filed down the bulb holders slightly and filed the tail light holes so they would fit in, they twist into position and are pretty tight, I put some tape on them to be safe. Not had any condensation in the lights or anything so seems to of worked well. The only problem was getting plastic filings in the tail lights, but a bit of shaking whilst having a Hoover attachment over the hole the came straight out. I had to order some red brake light bulbs too, cheap as anything of ebay though.
  12. My Focus Mk2 1.8Tdci Titanium

    Sweet, guessing I'll have to re-spray it, not seen a facelift in machine silver.
  13. My Focus Mk2 1.8Tdci Titanium

    Is the facelift rear bumper a straight swap for the mk2?
  14. Focus Mk2 - Rear Door Card Removal

    These should be the clips: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/390599381195?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT It can be done without breaking any, you're most likely to break them when they don't come off with the door card and you have to prise them out of the door itself.
  15. Focus Mk2 - Rear Door Card Removal

    No bother, hope it goes well!