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  1. First Ford Car!

    Cupcakes today! Well I've tried the central locking key thing, clicking between 1 & 2 on the ignition. I get the chime but still not working. No big deal though as central locking still works manually, just frustating. My radio still not working but will play cd's! At least I have some audio company now x
  2. First Ford Car!

    Hi Chris & Andy, Chris if you were closer to the Midlands then cake you would have, but alas, it wouldn't travel well in this heat! The radio is not asking for a code, will ask my dad to check it over for me I think. When I manually unlock the driver's door, all doors unlock. Andy, I will try the instructions in the youtube guide. Thank you both x
  3. First Ford Car!

    Just making chocolate fudge cake! Anyway, bought car Monday, 2 days servicing & repairs, had it back yesterday. Don't know anything about codes? What does this mean? switched radio on, checked volume on, but no sound from it. Tried to use key fob for central locking, its as it battery gone but I put a new one in so opening door manually which isn't a problem but would like everything to work properly x
  4. First Ford Car!

    Hi, I have bought my first Ford car this week. It is a Focus 1.6 petrol estate 2004 reg. I have spent a lot of money getting a major service, cam belts, brakes, clutch etc done. Does anyone know why my radio doesn't work, tuned it in, volume on, no sound! Also, new battery in key fob but still no central locking. Confused and female, lol x
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums mad cake lady :)

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