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  1. Heated Washer Jets

    looking forward heated front screen. (jets and screen) looking behind heated rear (windows and mirrors)
  2. Focus mk2 1.6 petrol clutch biting point?

    I used to have a french car before and you had to press the clutch pedal with enough force to slightly bend the floor pan to stop it creeping or wearing at the traffic lights. If anything large (like the floor mat!) used to slip under the pedal it was stuck in that gear until you turned the ignition off. Needless to say this wore out quite quickly, the only clutch I have ever bought (I'm 50) and when I picked up the car the bite point was in the same place. So when I bought my Focus the first 3 I test drove all had really high bite points, they're all nearly identical. After my french car it's like having an automatic, my left leg is now reducing to the same size as my right.
  3. Focus mk2 1.6 petrol clutch biting point?

    they're all high and self adjusting, so the biting point never moves.
  4. Juddering

    It's probably condensation on the clutch plates. Every (modern) car I have owned seem to do this occasionally and only on damp winter morning when first pulling off. If you Google clutch judder when cold there's about 50 pages of it on every car made! I think it happened when they stopped using asbestos. Manufactures fix seems to be a software update that highers the idle revs. Some say riding the clutch in fifth helps as a temporary fix, I find higher revs and letting the pedal out very slowly stops it. It's only the first pull out, only on wet mornings.
  5. Buying advice

    It's a belt, Ford advise 8 years or 100000 miles interval whichever comes first.
  6. Problem with Starting Car

    Every Escort I ever owned had this! dry spot on the starter motor windings. Smack it with a brick, rock it in second gear or replace. It may not happen again for years or could happen every day it depends where the starter motor comes to a stop.
  7. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Sorry I was on phone, didn't mean to double post, can't see anyway to delete (other than report) Hope you get this sorted.
  8. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    They just find their own levels! Ridiculous I know, but we have 5 mark 2.5 at work and they all sit below the minimum. I had my 2009 a week and panicked when the coolant was below minimum, topped it up and the next day it had dropped again, but it never dropped any further. Ford dealer replaced the cap a couple of years ago and it sits just a little higher now. There are several threads on it. try a new cap /Keep your eye on it.
  9. Focus Mk2.5 Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim

    Mines always been a bit wobbly but stays roughly in place. My seat also lowers itself! and clicks and knocks. Cheaply made clearly.
  10. Ford focus st 2008 clutch issues

    Every car I have ever owned (I'm nearly 50) has had a slight gearbox rattle in neutral that vanishes when you put the clutch in, or start with the clutch pressed.
  11. 2009 v2.5 front fog light

    Pretty sure it came out of the factory like it! Managed to nip them up to stop it moving. Anyone want a fossilized daddy long legs? 😂
  12. 2009 v2.5 front fog light

    Give that a look tomorrow. thanks.
  13. 2009 v2.5 front fog light

    Hi, I just noticed my n/s/f fog light seem a little loose, it moves slightly when I was washing it, the other side doesn't, I can't work out for the life of me how to remove it? They both work by the way
  14. Battery, need help asap.

    Yuasa are great batteries.