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  1. So...bought myself a big standard 98bhp ecoboost and thought I could have some fun! Changed a couple daft cosmetics. (Grill, lights & splitter) Went for the honeycomb zetec s splitter rather than chrome which was a good call! Once I'd fitted some HiDs to my projectors, I knocked on the splitter. It doesn't actually fit this bumber but a little diy makes it sit great! There is a white lip that you can see when you're down that low on the back end of the bumper...boom, sharpie and it's gone. All these parts where ordered straight from ford and I fitted them easily myself. Looking to out a set of 17's on and probably drop it by about 15mm just on springs. Once that's done I think I'll start looking at the rear! Got it to this point! Lastly today's move...my stage 1. I've done no mechanical changes to the car, it came standard at 98bhp... When we ran it's first few dyno runs reached 120bhp...baffled! I've had to leave it overnight and back in the morning but hoping to push something pretty lean into this! Looking forward to it! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
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