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  1. I have a 2019 Titanium, and can confirm all 4 doors have sensors and lock when tapping them
  2. Funny thing was the dealers name was "Doc" and his assistant was called "Marty" !!!!!
  3. Think it was a combination of the phone crashing and the cable. Changed cable to one that came with the phone, and it seemed ok all the way home.
  4. Hi Managed to create an account on Ford ETIS and get the build date of the Focus, it was 26/03/2109
  5. Hi Here is another post about my new Ford Focus Mk4 Today on the way to work, Android Auto locked up on the infotainment system, unplugged the phone and reconnected, but nothing happened. Tried another cable, and it would not connect or charge the phone, from the front USB port. Tried a USB stick which is in the 2nd USB port for music, and again nothing happened. Turned off the car and locked it. Reentered the car and tried again, and the USB port was working again. Does anybody know if the USB ports have either some kind of protection, or was it just a crash of the control unit, which cleared when I turned the vehicle off. Ill test it on the way home tonight to see if it does it again.
  6. Update Had replacement trim fitted this morning, all seems good. Looks like the outer trim broke, as there was some kind of retaining clip that was missing. Stop/start seems to be ok now, keeping the revs above 2500, although if you go with the gear changes when the dashboard prompts you to, id probably stall the car. Tells me to put the car in 6th gear, when im doing 40mph. No more crackling sound from the centre console, so far, so hopefully all is good. One of the big problems where I live, is that they shut down 3 Ford dealerships around my area, so the one closest to me is now banged out. usually have to wait 3-4 weeks for an appointment. Also noticed the infotainment system is very selective about what kind of cable you use for Android Auto to work. Tried a couple of cables I had and only one of them worked. Seems you have to make sure the cable is wired for both charge and data, as some of the cheap cables only support charge. Do love having Google assistant in the car, you never know when you need to find out "how high the Eiffel Tower is " !!!!!
  7. Yes 1.0 Ecoboost 125PS. Happy with the performance, definitely better than my old 1.8 TDCI focus for acceleration and response.
  8. My PDI stamp in the service book was April 2019. And its a Titanium as well not a Titanium X, also came with rear privacy glass as standard.
  9. So update to my MK4 issues. New Windscreen trim is going to be replaced tomorrow, although the dealer tried to make out at first that someone had deliberately broke it. (it came off whilst doing 60mph on the motorway after 2 weeks of owning the car). Other issues so far, was a bad crackling sound coming from centre console, like an electrical short, but seemed to have stopped now. Only other issue is the stop/start. Seems very sensitive to battery charge. The whole idea of getting an Ecoboost engine, is that it is fuel efficient. So to get that efficiency you need to keep the revs down. Problem is is you drive very carefully, and after a while, your not putting enough charge into the battery so the stop/start does not work. Today I had to drive 15-20 miles with the engine around 3500-4000rpm to put a decent charge in the battery for the stop/start to work again. Also does not help that the climate control seems to always want to have the aircon on, even if you set the temp to be slightly higher than the outside temp, guess that's not helping the battery drain. With all the electrics and gadgets in the Titanium, really think they should have fitted two batteries. Economy so far is very good. Managed to get an average of 60.1 mpg on a trip from London to Evesham last week. As for the suspension, have to say not really noticed the difference between the torsion beam on the Mk4 and my old multi link MK 2.5 Focus, but don't drive hard or fast. I do like the car, but will agree the build quality is not as good as my old Mk 2.5 Titanium, which I would have loved to have kept , but the 1.8 Diesel engine, needed new injectors, new cam belt and new EGR valve, and as I live in London, would have had to pay the UL emissions charge from 2021. so scrapped it as part of the Ford Scheme and got £2000 off the new car.
  10. Same with me MK4 Titanium, slight rattle to drivers door, and vibration around the center console
  11. Hi i bought a new Mk 4 Focus Titanium, and today, with the car being less than three weeks old, the passengers side windscreen trim broken loose on the way home. I’m currently awaiting Ford to fix it under warranty, as the top clip has broke, but having trouble finding a dealership, who can fit me in. Has anybody else had problems with the side trims on the new mk4 Focus, as I’m worried that bits are starting to break, with only 300 miles on the clock. What’s the best way to get Ford to fix this issue in a timely manner. regards Malcolm
  12. I'm still trying to work out what's on the car. going through ETIS, Whats an "ICE Feature pack 92" - Some kind of polar explorer option ??
  13. Tried it this morning, you have to have the engine running - and your limited to a max of 150w - but very handy if someone is in the back and wants to charge their Laptop. If only I could find a toaster that uses less than 150w, then I could say "this car does everything, including making the toast!!"
  14. Checked with Ford Etis, and the socket was fitted at Factory. Listed as "With Power point Plug"