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  1. Wings are the same, I can confirm
  2. Fitted some Focus RS Recaros to mine, purple is the seat belt tensioner and the yellow/orange is airbag
  3. It's a solid cap, I have been told to unscrew the cap after a long drive to prevent it happening. On this occasion it did not prevent the issue unfortunately. I just can't understand why it only happens after the car has been driven long distances.
  4. Hi all, Hoping someone can help with this strange starting issue. My dad has a 2007 1.8TDCI Focus, my mum uses the car everyday for work and always starts without issues. After a long run the car sometimes refuses to start as if it's got air in the fuel system, now it only does this after a long run. I had to use the car over the weekend and did something like 200 miles. I parked the car up and left it a for a few hours, came to start it to move it off the driveway, put it in reverse and it cut out. This has happened 3 or 4 times in the past. Each time it's happened I've had to re prime the fuel filter and bleed the system and it works with no issues. So i've ruled out the following: - Filter housing is solid, no cracks or leaks that could possibly let in air Only ever used fuel filters from Ford, seal changed each time No leaky injectors Is it a possibility that fuel is draining back to the tank and it's drawing in air from somewhere in the pipe? I've even had a suggestion that there is a breather on the tank and it's become blocked, I don't know how true that is and can't see any breather on the parts list. Any help much appreciated!
  5. I'm shoehorning in a 2.3 Focus RS engine so as mentioned anything can be made to fit! A 1.6 Ecoboost from an ST would be the most straightforward swap without any issues.
  6. Going from personal experience, change the wishbone. It's a doddle to change and less of a chew on that changing the ball joint itself. The Mk7 ball joints are a press fit, not bolted on
  7. That is totally normal behaviour in one of these engines, it might sound bad but it's nothing to worry about
  8. Haven't updated this for sometime now! Change of jobs plus a lockdown has really got in the way... However remaining positive! So we have some lovely RS Recaros front and rear! Looking very factory Stay safe in these uncertain times Ford fans!
  9. It literally just slides off the peg it's sat on. Slide it off and put it on your new seat. Won't be an issue with the heating, just means you will have an extra wire. Just tie it up out the way somewhere.
  10. Yup, as long as they are from a Mk7 no issues at all. Just remember to swap over the plastic block that holds the electrical connectors across to your new seats and take note of which plug went where.
  11. MK6 Fiesta seats won't fit a MK7 directly. MK7 to MK7 is a straight forward swap :)
  12. Boot solenoids are a very common issue and can fail with age.
  13. Check the fuel pump fuse, I had the same issue after leaving the car unstarted for a couple of weeks. Popped the fuse for the pump for some reason.
  14. Just visually looking mechanically I would say minimum of: - Wishbone, strut, driveshaft, possibly a wheel and worse case if it's bent the subframe a new one of those!