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  1. boot leak fiesta 2009

    Is it coming in from underneath the carpet on the right and running in the wheel well?
  2. What is this part called?

    It is indeedy! I had to replace mine, snapped it when I removed the bumper The bumper actually hooks over it, you can see it in the photo clearly in the photo:-
  3. Zetec S Body Kit

    The Mk7 Zetec-s is fitted with different springs and rack limiters stopping bigger wheels hitting the inner arch. Minor differences but other than that a normal 3 door Fiesta.
  4. Battery repeatedly dying

    I would get the battery checked first before investigating into other faults. Remove it from the car if possible and charge it, take it to your local motor factors and get them to test it if needs be. If it is stop start the battery needs to be taken off the car anyway for it to be safely tested depending upon the testing method of course. I've saved people a lot of money over the years by testing the battery to find it's simply flat, I really dislike selling batteries to people who simply don't need them. Fingers crossed it just needs a good charge.
  5. Front end knocking

    Drop links or springs would be my guess
  6. How can i check recalls.

    Check on the DVSA website https://www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/apps/recalls/default.asp
  7. Noise led me to another problem?

    Have you checked your tyres? I had a similar problem on mine, found i had two tyres with manufacturing defects. Check your wheels while your at it making sure they haven't buckled. That rubber is there to stop the spring hitting the bodywork of the car and keeps the spring in position. I think it sits on some sort of locator, been that long since I changed my rear springs I can't remember exactly! You won't need spring compressors to swap them over nice easy job on a fez to change rear springs. jack the car up take the bolt out the bottom of the shocker both sides, push the axle down with the help of an assistant if you need one and pull the spring out. Align the end of the coils correctly with the stops when refitting
  8. Upgrading front Brakes to ST180 brakes?

    Yup i swapped over from the standard setup to ST180. Simple swap you will require new discs, pads, calipers and brake flexis as they are different.
  9. ST Steering clonk

    Do you only hear this noise when the steering is a certain angle or does it make no difference?
  10. New Fiesta owner issues

    My gear change was stiff occasionally, my mechanic said he had similar problems with the Mk6 Fiesta (assuming they are the same box) he reamed some bush out and I've never had an issue since with stiff gear changes. In terms in the steering, it is an electronic system and I can honestly say I've never driven a car that handles so well and feels so connected to the road. Other cars i've driven with electronic steering feel so dull and unresponsive compared to the system in the Fiesta.
  11. Mk7.5 Rear Bumper Extension Trims

    Salvage yard or a breaking car on eBay is your only options. They are an expensive piece of trim, I braved the price tag and got them from my local dealer.
  12. ThaiFiesta is right, rear will fit no problem with the facelift bumper spats. The front end between both models are totally different and won't fit. Only option you have there is to fit a ST bumper but this will mean changing the lights and bonnet to suit.
  13. Fitting new head unit

    Yes it can be done absolutely! Curious as to why you wish to swap it over?
  14. Fiesta radio swap!

    You will need to make an adapter for the plug and you will need dealer software to reprogram the module for it to work. It's not difficult if you're handy with the soldering iron.
  15. Fiesta titanium

    I get about 275-300 miles on a full tank and I'm averaging around 31-32 mpg. Mine also has the gear change on the dash but it doesn't light up, someone with dealer software should be able to switch it on if you really wanted.