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  1. Cobra performance or a Miltek system would be a good shout.
  2. It won't.... You will need the dealer to reprogram or someone with access to IDS. You can download a free program from the net called Forscan which will allow you to make the changes to the cars modules 😊
  3. Common issue with IB5 Gearbox. The engine is driven by a timing belt.
  4. I've installed nav into my car. As above the Green is for reverse camera, Blue for GPS antenna, Black and Pink feed the unit traffic information I believe...
  5. Will be getting in underneath the black roof trims. Where the side panels and the roof panel meet it is covered with a bead of sealant from front to rear. Once the body shell is painted the black strip is attached over the top using double sided tape. It's common on the early build Mk7 for this sealant to crack with age allowing water to seep in between the panels and run into the boot area. My car was affected by the same issue, if the water is clean then this is more than likely where your problem lies.
  6. What year and what engine is in your car?
  7. As above this would probably indicate a duff plug, for the sake of a tenner I would stick a new set of plugs in....
  8. It's a pretty easy swap once you have all the right bits :)
  9. I have a head unit and Sat nav screen from a 2015 Fiesta in my 2008 Fiesta, it all works. Later Fiesta screens should work without issue in early cars. Have you tried setting this option to without and using the new LCD? Your new setup is without Navigation
  10. I think the screen has to be matched with the head unit.....
  11. The screen you have pictured is not a sat-nav LCD, what options have you changed in ForScan?
  12. I'd imagine the IB6 fitted to the ST would be transplantable but don't quote me on that one. Shafts, clutch, flywheel, gear selector would all need changing. Far better off transplanting an ST180 engine in if you want 6 gears and more power. Saying that any engine can be put into your car if you have the know how, I've seen a Focus ST engine placed into one of these before...
  13. Have you also changed the head unit and facia panel?
  14. All depends on what you're after really, all down to personal preference. ST front calipers are a straight swap, but failing that the standard set up is more than adequate for the MK7 a decent set of fast road pads and discs will improve things if you like 'spirited' driving.
  15. The DAB amplifier is located on the O/S of the car in the boot and external aerial is fixed underneath the rear bumper, the loom you have there will run from the back of the headunit and up the A pillar where it will connect with various wiring looms.