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  1. Ecoboost Smoke On Start Up

    Hi. Mad week. Sorry I did not reply sooner. I've had no noticeable smoke until today. Started the car and reversed uphill. I had puffs of faint black smoke. I have had nothing all week. The only difference in journey pattern was i did some urban driving (normally do motorway) Still not using oil, coolant or running hot. Got it booked in at dealer, but they seem to be out of ideas. Thanks b
  2. Ecoboost Smoke On Start Up

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. No, it can't be seen in the day, but I will check in the morning. In the headlights it looks white, but cant be sure. In terms of smell, it is like a burning smell, it Mah be oil, but its not strong. This lasts for 10 seconds or so, then to a normal cold petrol engine smell. Thanks, G.
  3. Ecoboost Smoke On Start Up

    Hi all. I'm currently driving my wife's 1.0 10ps ecoboost as a new baby has forced is to swap cars due to space. Running it about 800 miles per week and averaging 57 mpg. Last night on cold start up I noticed smoke at the front of the car (headlights showed it up as it was dark). Thought I had imagined it. Waited until the engine was nice and warm and accelerated sharply from 30-75 with a car behind me. No smoke on acceleration at all. Again tonight, smoke on cold start up defiantly coming from the car (not condinsation) The cat has 25k and is 27 months old. Oil changes every 6 months or 5k and always been run on bp ultimate. Not using any oil between fuel fill ups. No loss of power or stuttering. Pulling well and smoothly. I'm going to book it in to ford, but has anyone seen this before? P.s. I've noticed the oil pressure warning light stays on for 2 or so seconds on a cold start. Thanks. G
  4. Hi all. I've got a 2013 ecoboost Titanium. Recently my climate control won't stay on auto mode for more than 10 minutes at a time. Any ideas before I call the dealer? The handbooks don't mention anything specific. Thanks, Gareth. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. Hi all. Many thanks for the thoughts. Took car back to the fitting garage. They looked at the issue and insisted that there was no issue at all. Took car to an independent alignment centre in the West Midlands who was sceptical at first. They checked the car and produced a printout showing the alignment was quite far out of tolerance. They reset the alignment and now my steering wheel is in the right position. Off to do battle with the tyre fitters this morning. Lesson learnt, watch when tyres are being fitted! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. Hi, We had to change both from tyres last week. Since then the steering wheel has been off centre when driving straight the car is not pulling to the left or right. Could this be the wheel alignment/tracking? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Hi all, It might be just me, but I find the dip stick impossible to read on out fiesta ecoboost? Does anyone have any tips on an easy way to get an accurate reading. The cars on the flat, left for 10 mins and I let the dipstick cool before taking a reading. Just find it hard to read. Car had a service 2 weeks ago. On a side note due to curiosity do these engines consume oil? I'm used to diesel and they do sip some. Thanks, GH. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Ecoboost Gearbox Noise

    Thank you for the replies. Gh. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Ecoboost Gearbox Noise

    Thanks for the reply. I thought so too, it does not sound sinister ( if that makes any sense). I've come from Fiat that broke down every time I looked at it, so probably over sensitive to any noise. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Ecoboost Gearbox Noise

    Hi all. We've just collected a 100 ps ecoboost manual last week. It's 1 year old and from a ford dealer with 12k on it. How quiet are the gearboxes on these cars? I've noticed to day ours has a whine when accelerating in 1st and 2nd. Nothing major, and you can't hear it when showing down. Is this normal? Not had a chance to call the garage yet. Thanks. Gh. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
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