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  1. Gears Not Selecting

    Hi everyone long time no see how is everyone. Got a problem with my beloverd little fiesta 51 plate 1.3i. Yesterday all was fine until i taxi pulled out in front of me which caused me to slam on has if kept on going after blowing the horn i floored it in 1st gear to get away. After i done that car felt i bit strange i found it juddering when takeing off in first gear and very hard to select 3rd gear. Now with the engine off goes through all the gears nice and smooth it's just when the engine is on can be a pain. The car just has over 100,000 miles on it so i am wondering what the problem could be. Thanks
  2. Little Confussed Over Spark Plugs I Got Today.

    Hi thanks for the reply i will compare them with the ones i am taking out and see how it goes from there. Cheers
  3. Hi everyone i drive a fiesta mk5 1.3i endure e engine petrol 51 plate. I got me self some spark plugs today has i am service my car next week in college. Now i had a gift voucher for halfords so i got them from there. Now i normally buy ngk ones but after giveing the sales assistant in halfords my reg number he comes back with bosch superplus spark plugs plus yttrium. Now i've been searching the web and these plugs have quite good reviews. But i am a little confussed has these plugs look abit fancy for my little fiesta. So i have been on the halfords website typed in my reg and these plugs have come back has being ok for my car. But does anyone know what the diffrence with bosch superplus and any other spark plug? I don't want to put them in and cause damage or something. Any help is gratefull Thanks alan.
  4. Hi all silly me smashed the glass out of my wing mirror the other day reverseing out of the drive way lol. Lucky anough the wing mirror stayed on the car. But the thing is i am haveing abit of trouble fitting the new glass. Now the haynes manual don't really tell me much but all it's saying is the mirror clips in place i have tryed everything but the mirror is not cliping into place. So does anyone have a idea on how this goes on. It's on a fiesta mk5 51 plate. Thanks in advance Alan.
  5. Fiesta Drivers

    Hi i drive through liverpool alot and yeh idiots in new shape fiestas tailgate me and when they pass it's some little halfwit that can barley see over the steering wheel. And what i've notice now ka drivers are getting a pain. No offence to fiesta ka drivers by the way but some out there need there head sorting. Like today local road by me 30mph zone i could not beleave what i seen a volvo most of been doing at least 80mph on the wrong size of the road just over takeing people like it was a two lane road. And what take the mick even more these are the idiots that get away with it.
  6. Engine Light On

    Best thing to do is get the car hooked up to a computer and start from there.
  7. scrotes on mopeds

    I am sick to death of hearing the one up by mine sound like a bag of crap and with this week being hot i've had all the windows open and when the little idiot drives past i can't hear the !Removed! tele. I think next time i hear him i am gonna tie abit of fishing wire across the road and watch and laugh when he comes flying around the corner. OMG I am writting this and i can hear the little bag head.
  8. scrotes on mopeds

    I agree it's little scrotes that ride them maybe because there cheap to run, tax etc but there one up by mine and by the sounds of it. Its ready for the scrap yard. And the little scrotes that ride them by the looks of the things there not very well looked after with bits of parcel tape to keep the light on or cracked plastic bodys where there probaily been driveing like idiots and crashed them. And another thing is the way they get up your !Removed! when you slow down for speedbumps that anoys the hell out of me.
  9. Hi everyone i am thinking of getting a ka. I am looking at the mk1 shape at the moment i've got a fiesta mk5 on a 51 plate endure e engine 1.3i. Now i know the ka shares the same engine has my fiesta so i am wondering is there any signs to look out for on these ka i know there suffer rust around the petrol cap but the big question is are they reliable and cheap to run. Cheers alan.
  10. Anti Roll Bar Drop Links.

    Well i am gutted tryed to do the job today and good i for hell get the nut off. It was solid has a rock i must of used half a bottle of wd40 and nothing but what i did notice and the haynes manual says diffrent when i tryed to undo the nut i notice there was like a torx screw in the middle but doing abit of reserch on the net and in the haynes it don't say anything about a torx/hex nut being in the middle. Car is a fiesta mk5 2001 1.3i endure e engine. So has any one else come across this on their mk5 cheers alan.
  11. Hi i use my trolley jack for the first time today put it to it's test. So i jacked up on the chassis which what i think is the long bit of metal that runs along centre under the car. But the thing is the saddle on the jack had abit of a claw. And it has left abit of a print on the chassis and dinted it abit not really bad like. So i am wondering will this cause any problems see pics below. This is what i jacked it up on has i thought it was solid and safe. And this is what the saddle on the jack has done. Do u think this would be ok for the car cheer alan
  12. Well jacked the car up today and all is good the rear wheel raise abit but to me i thought it was secure give it a good rock car was wooble but safe anough has i am still here alive.
  13. Aftermarket Exhaust Mk6

    If your just replaceing the old one with a new one because you have problem then the aftermarket one should be designed the way for your car. Or are you moding it.
  14. What Is This.

    Ahh right the manufacturing of the part.
  15. What Is This.

    Mines a mk5 born 1/09/2001.