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  1. My 59 Focus Zetec S

    Tell me about it! Plus mines a 3dr, don't think i've seen another ZS 3dr in person! :)
  2. My 59 Focus Zetec S

    They're pretty much like neon tubes but plastic. Most commonly used in computer cases, have a Google. Managed to get some cheap Prism ones a while ago with a cigarette lighter connector on the end, chopped them off and then you just wire that to the existing footwell lighting, or run cable to the courtesy light to power them that way.
  3. Hey guys So I picked this little beauty up last Tuesday, 59 Plate Focus Zetec S. I'm loving it so far and have a few ideas in mind already. Done a couple of things already: - Fitted MTEC sidelight bulbs that I had off my last car, much brighter :) - Found the footwell lights were good to go so put bulbs in and they're ace! - Detailed inside and out, pesky garage never does a proper job On the list of things to do: - New gel badges from DMB (managed to order them before they stopped selling them :) ) - Fit brighter front lights and maybe LED rears - Fit cold cathodes (from my last car) into footwells - Wind deflectors - Better air filter - Carbon wrap centre console Should keep me busy for a while! Any hints, tips or comments welcome. Chris
  4. My mk2 Focus Zetec S

  5. Focus Wheel Center Caps/alloy Wheels Cleaner!!!

    Always ValetPro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner for me. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/valet-pro-bilberry-wheel-cleaner/prod_499.html Simply an amazing product! Use with a good wheel brush and wax to seal and your wheels will look ace! Chris
  6. Newbie To The Ford World! :)

    Haha yeah I knew that :) I did, 24 months RAC warranty too. Peace of mind at least!
  7. Newbie To The Ford World! :)

    Came from Diesel, this one is Petrol. Yeah the ST is sweet, but its not needed. My last car was killing me, financially and in turn mentally, so hopefully the ZS will come good for me.
  8. Hey all Picked up my 59 plate, Focus Zetec S today and thought i'd say hi! Loving the car so far and no doubt the forum/guides will prove most useful. Sad to get rid of my Grande Punto 1.9 mJet but it was causing me issues :(, hopefully the ZS will do me good. Cheers Chris
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Silver_Fox :)

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