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  1. Dee_82

    Setup instant MPG?

    Seems to have limited functionality but works on CE, not sure about RDS or DAB if you have the additional module
  2. Dee_82

    Setup instant MPG?

    Thats a good question, I'm just in the process of porting my mods form a focus to my Mondeo, including an after market head unit. I did read that the windows CE ones might work with the cluster to some degree, but the android ones might be an issue. I cant confirm the android story but ill be able to confirm the Windows CE one in a few weeks.
  3. Dee_82

    Setup instant MPG?

    They shouldn't be selectable but they may be present. The converseMod guys have added a whole bunch of stuff to the firmware which looks pretty neat but its quite expensive for what it is. the last update for the preFL version is 1007, if yours doest come with that version ti might be missing some features, this can be installed with the conversemod update., its about 20 quid. if you get Facelift version (which ooks realy cool) you will need to add a the base mod found here that will set you back 60 to 200 quid depending on how much you want to install to be honest. considering this mod used to be free, I object to the blatent profiteering of it all. I'm all for rewarding effort but ffs, the costs are off the face of the earth if you want the whole works it littearlly can cost twice as much as the actual unit itself. I got a pre facelift version which came with 1007 anyway, if it didn't, id have got the 1007 update and left it at that. I couldn't justify the massive cost (albeit, it does look a fantastic cluster)
  4. Dee_82

    Setup instant MPG?

    It might be something you can add with ELM config but I'm not sure, there is an option for trip computers... But looking at your steering wheel, you appear to have the Standard Mk4 wheel (with the directional controls!!) so there shouldn't be any barrier in installing a Type 2 or Converse+ unit Just remember that if you get the newer FL version of the converse+ you will been to install a paid for custom firmware to fix a few issues. the PreFL version (the one I posted a picture of) will drop in just fine. If possible try and get as later model as you can to ensure you have the 1007 firmware.
  5. Dee_82


    you can do a lot but its mainly for Focus Mk2/2.5 and Mondeo mk4 (to a much lesser degree!) your mk3.5 focus wont be any good, for that you need FoCCCus Ive never used it so I cant comment on how good it is, but it seems to have a good following so....
  6. impossible my ars.... what they mean is that its more hassle then the cost of compensating you. ah well, least your getting something.
  7. Dee_82

    Ford Focus Turbo Gasket

    just checked microcat, cant see anything on either the turbo pics or on the manifold.
  8. Dee_82

    Dead electrics Help needed

    Grounding, perhaps, if the battery was totally dead then it wouldn't crank at all. so perhaps its a short or grounding issue. you got a code reader?, Before doing anything, get the terminals off the battery and make sure they are cleaned up, then check the main ground strap that goes from the battery to the strut or somewhere around there, clean it up and make sure its solid connection. Take out and reseat the connection blocks in GEM, (disconnect battery first) after that, its going to take a lot more effort to find the cause.
  9. Dee_82

    Whistling ventilation system

    See if you can narrow it down first, does it do it on window, feet or face only modes? if its on all of them then its going to be something common to them all, maybe the inlet or the main HVAC unit.
  10. Dee_82

    1.6 tdci engine stutter 18-2200 revs

    right enough, the calliper doesn't appear to be moving and the disc is
  11. Dee_82

    Loss of power whilst driving

    that doesn't mean some plonker didn't put petrol in the diesel tanks at the pumps. Seen that happen a couple of times around here.
  12. Dee_82


    Not sure, happened to me once, it was because my partners car key was too close to mine, it must have been picking up conflicting signals from the keys and shut the car down. Move the key away, problem solved.
  13. Dee_82

    1.6 tdci engine stutter 18-2200 revs

    that is a proper case of, holy crap - shortly followed by an untimely death. Dodged a bullet there mate, might want to put a lottery ticket on an blag as many freebies from them for keeping your mouth shut 🙂
  14. I highly recommend them, I have several of his devices and am happy with them all, in fact I littearlly just purchased his auto switching device that he has released, be interesting to see how it performs!