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  1. Good luck getting a grand for a 08 Diesel! I tried we by any car who initially stated about a grand who promptly reduced the value to about 400 quid after their "Detailed Inspection" which is to say a complete understatement, it might as well have been judged for some Classic car competition, unless its in perfect nick, which a 2008 car is unlikely to be they will just keep turning those screws. Private sale would yield more but I cant look someone in the eye and sell them a dud Anyhow, my final update on the Mondeo saga, ive given up entirely, my partner even pointed out that ive started parking it out of sight. the Front left strut sounds like its about to fall off, it struggles to start which is sure sign the clutch is on its way out, the other day it just randomly turned off mid drive, no warnings, no DTCS. Somehow it managed to pass its MOT with flying colours but now its time to say goodbye. so part ex it is 😞 As long as I can get it started and drive 25 miles down the road, we are off to exchange it in for a Focus.
  2. that rattle is most likely the fuel pump
  3. Agreed, I Highly recommend this site. I would be extremely cautious with ebay and such like.
  4. They always do this. I fitted some non-return valves and changed them to mist style as apposed to the fork style. It cut down on the leakage somewhat. not perfect but noticeably better
  5. Haha, Just Checked, Its still on the road and passed the last MOT without issue. Obviously the new measures were not a problem for it. Shes only done 3k since I got rid of her
  6. Not my car any more so it doesn't bother me, in all honesty its probably ended up on the scrapper, I traded it in with 140k on the clock, 2008 plate If it was auctioned off then someone will have lots of nice surprises and one not so good DPF! Its mapped, its also got all the wiring in for Oil temp and Boost Pressure ST replica gauges, rear camera, reverse sensors, CC, Auto lights / wipers Loved that car. I would have spent less money re installing the DPF rather than change car. As they say, better the devil you know
  7. lol, im doing the same, worse still, due to a ford MOT at Halfords who incorrectly added details to the MOT that were not visible during the MOT, it states on the MOT before my last one that the DPF may have been tampered with. They didn't fail it but I was not chuffed. If anyone looks at the history they could probably see the welds with a camera. Its a beast when mapped, I just love the fact that even in 6th gear, you can drop the hammer and take off. I dont rate the clutch lasting all that long but such is life... I wish I could use mine without worrying about dropping in to limp every 30 miles or so.
  8. Na, not a scooby. Ive pretty much given up, the only things ive not really changed are the PCM and the brake control module, one costs quite a bit and the other is a complete PITA. im not prepared to spend big money repairing this so ill just need to live with it and hope I can get shot of it, besides that im having trouble starting in the morning, starter is struggling to turn it over, which is another sign of immanent doom as the clutch falls to bits and im getting some awful knocking on the NS shock. Im going to take some degreaser to the strut and see if they notice at the MOT next month 😄 Two of your codes suggest that the garage is correct, its a boost problem which might be the solenoid, the actuator sensor or the actuator itself either because its nackard or because the turbo vanes are gummed up. A sticking actuator might be any one of the above problems or some weird electrical gremlin, Ive tried driving erratically over 400 miles and it still happened. You have two choices, take a look for yourself, make sure the solenoid is working, maybe swap it with the one for the anti shudder valve (As you look at the right side of the engine, there are two red/purple coloured solenoids attached to the engine itself, the one closed to the front is the anti shudder valve, the one to the back is the boost solenoid, they are both the same. check the hoses, if possible check if your losing pressure on the lines. Maybe get a ELM 327 device and forscan, monitor the vane position sensor and see if it does anything wonky. look back at the posts on this thread for some idea of what your looking at. beyond that, anything you can do will be based on your time, ability and how big your wallet is
  9. just mind they are paying more attention to the DPF these days. passing the MOT doesn't make it legal, it just means to fooled them, get pulled over and.... all bets are off. Not saying dont, just saying, be very clear with what your doing. The increased attention to the DPF is why I got rid of mine, that turned out to be a mistake of sorts. by you live and learn
  10. I purchased one and it didn't go straight though, it had an internal cone of foam. I got rid of it as it whistled which drove me nuts.
  11. well, they say you cant notice any power improvement of less than 10%, so 20% more is not only noticeable but obviously so. You will over time forget the difference but 3rd gear is still fun Something else it has is something I think is called overboost? Basically, if you plant your foot you will deliver about 1.5 Bar of boost. the maximum the sensor will register. but if you accelerate to about 2000 RPM in thrid, then lift off, then plant it down again very quickly, you will receive a very healthy boost in performance, as measured by my own MAP sensor I installed, it rises up to over 2 Bar (stock MAP sensor registers only 1.5) apparently there is a cool down period where you cant do it again for a few min so its not something you can continuously use. On the way to work I always had this routine where id exit this roundabout at about 25, accelerate hard in third up to about 2000ish RPM, lift and boot it again up a long straight hill, no smoke, just a heathy dose of a little more power than normal just mind who you get the map from, some are more reputable than others.
  12. first gear almost became entirely redundant 😄 Serious, you would spend less time in first then it takes to think about changing gear. 3rd gear 2200 to 3500 it would pull like a train, compared to stock it was night and day, absolutely no problems at all with 136 or there about. my mondy has 164 but due to weight its more or less the same BHP per Kilo as my focus, I suppose the only difference between the two (apart from the mondy not working) is that in 6th gear it would still pull like a train. id typically drop to 4th in the focus (5 speed box to achieve the same result. Honestly, its what the focus should have been from day one. The only think thats worth keeping in mind is that I may or may not have had an accident with the DPF at the same time, which may or may not have knocked the crap out of it 😄
  13. if It were me, (and I did this with my own 1.6 TDCI) id map it up to about 130-140. you wont need any extra parts for this and the saving on those parts could be put to a more useful function, such as 6k services 🙂 140 in the Mk2 focus is plentiful, if you go much hard you will run in to clutch and gear box problems, imho, if you want more, save yourself some hassle and just get a different car 🙂 as for the girl, hopefully your still not waiting!! Women like to be late, keeps you on your toes. just as long as shes honest about it all, honesty is the key to success, if you cant tell your partner to F-Off when the need arises and you both move on, then you probably wont last 😄
  14. haha, his still going