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  1. Dee_82

    HDI Tuning 1.6 TDCi 110 to 143bhp. Worth it?

    just mind they are paying more attention to the DPF these days. passing the MOT doesn't make it legal, it just means to fooled them, get pulled over and.... all bets are off. Not saying dont, just saying, be very clear with what your doing. The increased attention to the DPF is why I got rid of mine, that turned out to be a mistake of sorts. by you live and learn
  2. Dee_82

    Ramair replacement filter on ST

    I purchased one and it didn't go straight though, it had an internal cone of foam. I got rid of it as it whistled which drove me nuts.
  3. well, they say you cant notice any power improvement of less than 10%, so 20% more is not only noticeable but obviously so. You will over time forget the difference but 3rd gear is still fun Something else it has is something I think is called overboost? Basically, if you plant your foot you will deliver about 1.5 Bar of boost. the maximum the sensor will register. but if you accelerate to about 2000 RPM in thrid, then lift off, then plant it down again very quickly, you will receive a very healthy boost in performance, as measured by my own MAP sensor I installed, it rises up to over 2 Bar (stock MAP sensor registers only 1.5) apparently there is a cool down period where you cant do it again for a few min so its not something you can continuously use. On the way to work I always had this routine where id exit this roundabout at about 25, accelerate hard in third up to about 2000ish RPM, lift and boot it again up a long straight hill, no smoke, just a heathy dose of a little more power than normal just mind who you get the map from, some are more reputable than others.
  4. first gear almost became entirely redundant 😄 Serious, you would spend less time in first then it takes to think about changing gear. 3rd gear 2200 to 3500 it would pull like a train, compared to stock it was night and day, absolutely no problems at all with 136 or there about. my mondy has 164 but due to weight its more or less the same BHP per Kilo as my focus, I suppose the only difference between the two (apart from the mondy not working) is that in 6th gear it would still pull like a train. id typically drop to 4th in the focus (5 speed box to achieve the same result. Honestly, its what the focus should have been from day one. The only think thats worth keeping in mind is that I may or may not have had an accident with the DPF at the same time, which may or may not have knocked the crap out of it 😄
  5. if It were me, (and I did this with my own 1.6 TDCI) id map it up to about 130-140. you wont need any extra parts for this and the saving on those parts could be put to a more useful function, such as 6k services 🙂 140 in the Mk2 focus is plentiful, if you go much hard you will run in to clutch and gear box problems, imho, if you want more, save yourself some hassle and just get a different car 🙂 as for the girl, hopefully your still not waiting!! Women like to be late, keeps you on your toes. just as long as shes honest about it all, honesty is the key to success, if you cant tell your partner to F-Off when the need arises and you both move on, then you probably wont last 😄
  6. haha, his still going
  7. The injectors fit and have been used to get the car to an insane level of power but as tom said, its not just a plug and play solution and there is away to install other turbos but again, as tom said it needs some customisation. i cant find the forum I saw the build post in but im pretty sure someone when to a crazy amount of effort on the engine, something in the region of 300 bhp. But at that point Im sure they had to replace seals, gaskets and even rebored the cylinders and got a custom made clutch. in short there wasn't much left that wasn't changed. if my memory serves me correctly he went suspiciously quiet 😄
  8. Dee_82

    Snorkel Delete - Mk 2.5 with pics :)

    I made this a while back, sounded amazing! I was well chuffed, based on the RS airbox. Had it on for a couple of years without any bother, just keep the filter clean
  9. just mind how a DPF works, you need heat and lots of it sustained over a good amount of time, slowing down isnt any good, your trying to burn the soot and turn it in to ash, you cant blow it out so to speak, you have to convert it. eventually the DPF, even if run properly, will fill up with ash at which point your will need it professionally cleaned or replaced.... assuming thats your problem of course!
  10. Not driving the car correctly is a sure way to fill up the DPF with soot, this can be corrected to some extent with a static forced regeneration as long as it isnt too bad, ideally it shouldnt need to do this. that DPF stuff is a waste of money, you would be best taking the car out early one morning and thrashing it up the motorway for 20 min in 3rd or 4th gear, try get it up to about 3000 RPM 🙂 Ford say every 12k but for those of us that have been here for a while, more is better, especially with this engine. the pre 2008 models tended to be a lot worse to the point that you would be hard to find a garage these days that will even fix turbo related problems. if not done to a very specific set of guides, there is no warranty, you hear stories of people going in, dropping 500 quid on a recon'd turbo and getting 10 miles down the road and it blowing up again. So with that in mind, 6k - 8k servicing doesn't seem like such a bad idea but of course we do it ourselves so the cost is like 40 quid. I have a feeling the DPF was changed in 2009 to a ceramic one which was much better and shouldnt be as much of a problem. If you look under the car at the back, no need to jack it up, I think its either between the wheel well and the sub frame or the fuel tank and the sub frame you will see a small black container with a couple of pipes coming out of it. its perhaps only about 2L or so in size. If you have that then you have the older DPF in which case it might be worth asking the garage to see if it needs filling up with a special fluid. if you dont have it then you have a ceramic DPF. if it were me id buy then download (its free) and check those DTCs yourself, you can also use it to monitor what is going on as you drive which can be very useful you will need a laptop, if you dont have one but you do have a newish android device you might be able to purchase the android version and using a dongle connect the USB ELM device to youe phone Id avoid Bluetooth if possible but its an option with a different ELM device
  11. The 1.6 is a great engine, after 2008 most of the niggles where fixed like that dodge oil feed / return pipe but its strongly suggested to complete services at 6-8k intervals. It could actually be anything, you have mentioned the common areas to look at but before you get them to replace the injectors for no reason you can do a leak test on them. its dead easy on the 1.6, get 4 containers, 4 bits of thin hose and connect each container to the leak off connector on the injector (black rubber hose with wise nylon bradding and then idle the engine for 5 min or so, then get it up to about 2500 for a couple of min and repeat a couple of times. if an injector is nackard one of the signs is that a lot of fuel will bypass the injector and come out that hose, what it will look like when new would be 4 bottles with a small amount of diesel in it. if its full or if one or more are significantly more than the others then you have a problem. also get the fuel filter changed, its quite expensive, expect to pay about 40 quid. I cant remember if the EGR has learne values that need reset, if it does and if the garage didn't do it, then its possible it doesn't know there is a new EGR valve in there which might not operate in the same way as the original one. theres also the fuel rail pressure sensor, fuel rail pressure valve and pump, which could be causing problems. although if its pressure related id have thought it would throw up a DTC. theres also the MAF and MAP sensors, these can get covered in crap, get some electrical contact cleaner and clean them both, the MAF is just after the Airbox on the right of the engine. the MAP is just before it enters the inlet manifold, if you find the turbo then look to the left of it, you will see a large rubber pipe rise from the intercooler, just after that pipe you will find the MAP screwed in. the DPF should throw up a DTC, however, something to look at is if its been gutted, get the car off the ground, take the under tray off and look at the large metallic can, towards the top of it sits the turbo, down the bottom it will turn 90 degrees with a short exhaust pipe that joins to a flexy pipe, where that can turns 90 degrees, look for obvious signs of welding, its possible its been gutted and if it wasn't done right then you might experience problems. Theres also two rubber hoeses that come out the side of the DPF at the front, check them both, they rise up and clip on to a sensor strapped to the battery box. down at the DPF those rubber pipes can get really hot and brittle and in some cases snap off., Whatever is wrong, dont let the garage pull the wool over your eyes and change half the car, you could end up replacing half the engine before you get to the actual problem all of which will cost you a lot of money!
  12. Dee_82

    Reversing Lights Not Working

    Ok, thats a generic code which doesn't give us all the detail we need. If you have no power the rear lights then we need to trace back what is going on. so I assume you had it in reverse with the ignition on (engine off) when you checked for power. So lets check the fuse in the CJB. it should be F11. If that has power then check that the grounds to the reverse lights have very little resistance to a known good ground point. if you have power at the fuse but no power to the rear and the ground is good then we are probably looking at a broken wire
  13. Dee_82

    Focus mk2 diesel starting problem

    Theres no sender unit on 1.8 so it would be the high pressure fuel pump if that were the case, which is why what peter said is so relevant, because its negative pressure, fuel is sucked up the pipe along with any air entering through any bad seals. The problem you have is that it could be anything, without access to some diagnostics your going to struggle. To work you need fuel, compression and air. But along side all that you need working electronics to regulate it all, it could be a needle in a haystack , you really need a code reader at minimum or ideally Forscan and a ELM 327 device
  14. Dee_82

    2013 Focus DPF Removal

    Sonic Bath with get it almost as good as new, a high pressure clean will do the job too, avoid anyone who just adds crap to your fuel to "clean" it. if its full, it wont. You cant burn the ash. Or replace it but folk on here have had some bad experienced with aftermarket parts so thats gonna cost a few bob. Once its been removed and properly cleaned you shouldnt have to clean it a few times a year, just give it a good thrashing on the motorway every now and then. Sadly the value of DPF equipped cars seems to have dropped off the face of the earth and continues to do so, the longer you leave this the less you will get back
  15. Dee_82

    loud bang!

    The hub would have freed itself long before hitting the motorway unless you managed to drag the wheel along all that way! Just double check the top and bottom of each coil is firmly in place, they should nest in to a groove. You might have just run over to crap on the road. what looked like a coil fell off a lorry in front of me last year the bang it made was incredible, it had made a deep cut in the plastic trim down the side of the car and dented the chassis. Thankfully it missed anything important. It will also be worth checking to see if the handbrake is still even on both sides, A relative of mine had a back plate on a Toyota Corolla corrode to dust which caused the tensioner gubbins to fly off, it must have jammed at some point and cracked the disc.