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  1. My 04 focus 1.8tdci wouldn't start I'm getting all ignition lights but doing nothing when turning key. the car was perfect when I turned it off one hour earlier
  2. 1.8Tdci Ghia 2004 Dmf

    My focus 1.8tdci 2004 has started to make a rattling sound and it eases when I depress the clutch. The engine also sounds rough like a petrol running on 3 cylinders, and the power is down. Any views or opinions would be much appreciated. I think that it may be the clutch dmf if so can I do this myself? I not long paid £1850 for the car amd money is tight Thanks in advance guy's
  3. My focus 1.8tdci 2004 sounds like it's running on 3 cylinders I've been told that it might be the egr valve thats choked. Can anyone help me with the cleaning as I have no knowledge of the egr. I'm pretty good with the spanners. Thanks guys
  4. Foc Scotland Meet

    I'd be ok for most weekends with a bit of notice.
  5. Foc Scotland Meet

    Ok guys lets see who's available when for next month, and get a date sorted
  6. Foc Scotland Meet

    I think you're right Stef. We should get a date sorted out well in advance, get as many members as possible there
  7. Foc Scotland Meet

    I'd be up for a meet at the bridges, South Queensferry would t cool
  8. Foc Scotland Meet

    I'd be up for a meet at the bridges, South Queensferry would t cool
  9. Foc Scotland Meet

    Good meeting today and great to meet you guys. It was cool how the cars went mk1 2 & 3 focus all on diesel. Hopefully we can do it again soon and maybe get a few more to the group, who knows the weather might even be better lol. Pitty I missed the car park fiasco at McDonald's though.
  10. Foc Scotland Meet

    We are at the falkirk fc stadium car park
  11. Foc Scotland Meet

    What car park are you guys at ?
  12. Foc Scotland Meet

    What's the latest on the meet then guys?
  13. All Scottish Members - Let Yourself Be Known

    Who would be up for a meet in say four weeks time at the at the Falkirk wheel then head to the helix project? ???
  14. Foc Scotland Meet

    Extreme karting Larbert? ??