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  1. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    sods law!!! paid my finance off in febuary and since then coil pack - kaputspark plugs - kaputexhaust sensor - kaputboot lock - kaput3 new tiresbrake padsbrake disksoil filterand now low of power apart from that its an 05 focus saloon 60,000 and been a great car touch wood nothing else
  2. hi was just driving my car today and it has started to lose power at 3000rvs, it starts from 3rd, 4th and 5th gear. i have just recently had my coil pack and spark plugs changed! my engine warning light came on a couple of weeks ago and my garage done a diagnostics test which showed up a fault with the exhaust sensor, im thinking this could possibly be the problem but the mechanic said it will be fine to drive with this fault ( mot due next month ), i have a feeling this is the fault which i have been told it will be £100 ish just wondering if anyone has any other ideas on what this could be thanks in advance
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums ian84 :)

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