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  1. Focus 1.8 Tdci Zetec S Dual Mass Flywheel Issues

    Sounds like the clutch or/and DMF could be starting to wear out. I've been told it's pointless just getting the clutch changed because you double labour costs. If DMF is going it means u need a new clutch anyway because they are self adjusting? Don't quote me on that but I'm sure I've read somewhere that if your needing one thing changed better of doing the lot (clutch, DMF and bearings). They will all need done sooner or later. If anyone has or knows someone who has had an SMF conversion, would be very interested to hear the results. I've heard positives and negatives but I guess Ford wouldn't have put in an DMF if it wasn't required Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Focus 1.8 Tdci Zetec S Dual Mass Flywheel Issues

    Another car is not an option for me I'm afraid. I paid 7k for this car about a year ago and I'm stuck with it for the time being :( Also I do love the car just not the DMF. I've heard people talk about SMF conversions but heard a lot of bad press about this too. Anyone bite the bullet and try this out?
  3. Focus 1.8 Tdci Zetec S Dual Mass Flywheel Issues

    Thanks for quick reply guys. Stef123: I stay in Burntisland but its close to Dunfermline which is more known. Better still half hour drive to Edinburgh. The quote of £1200, I was shocked about but that was from Arnold Clark (I was asking around). I will be leaving it till gets worse then just don't want the car to get anymore injuries if the DMF does completely fail. I knew the parts weren't cheap and this job apparently takes a good few hours to do which I just simply wont try doing myself, I have a Haynes manual but I'm no mechanic. If anyone could recommend a mechanic, garage or company which knows what they are doing in Scotland I would appreciate that. Would travel down south if the deals are better. martyntdci, I have noticed that the car makes more vibrations while idle and the car shudders through some of the rev range (1500-2000rpm) funny that over 2000rpm its not as noticeable but still not quite right.
  4. Hi all, First time posting and I wish it were under better circumstances. I have recently had my car in for a service and MOT and the mechanic has advised that my DMF needs replacing (advisory). Having since been told this I have started to become aware of the problem myself. Currently the car starts and drives fine, there is slight shuddering when idle and also when I'm traveling at 2000rpm but I tend to change gears at around that mark. Is this wrong? Can anyone advise the best way to drive to drag the most life out of my DMF? The other and main point of this post is how long can I leave seeing to the DMF before it actually fails? Should and can I drive with this for say 4-5 months (Average 1000-1200 miles per month) as it is at the early stage? The car has only covered 58,400 miles so I thought something like this would of lasted longer but I do drive in a city for 15-20 minutes 5 days a week. As a lot of you may know this is an expensive job and I've had quotes ranging from £650-£1200 to get it fixed (DMF,clutch, and bearings replaced). I reckon it will take 4-5 months to save the cash for the job since I also need to live during this time. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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