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  1. Digital Speedo.

    In the new Fiesta, you can't see the speedo from the passenger seat, which is important for people like me (driving Instructor). Does anyone else use a digital one that they can recommend. Could you use a Satnav? Thanks.
  2. Alternative Speedo?

    On the new Fiesta, You cannot see the speedo from the Passenger seat. As a Driving Instructor, this is very important! Can anyone suggest a suitable alternative? I have reported it to Customer Relations Dept, but they arn't really interested.
  3. Indicators not clickin off

    I have the same problem, and as I'm a driving Instructor, it can be a major problem if the pupil does not correct it on a test. Hopefully will be sorted on the 1500ml service.
  4. Driving...

    Passed in Brentwood in 1965 (2nd time). 1st car was 100e van which cost £50. Have driven mostly Fords since. Am now a Driving Instructor in a new Fiesta.
  5. Newbie

    Hi, My name is Dave, and I am a Driving Instructor, and have recently puchased a new Fiesta Style plus 1.4tdci. So far, I'm well pleased with it. My dad used to work at Fords Dagenham plant, and i have always purcased Fords (for 40 years now). If anyone requires help/advice with teaching their kids, I'm pleased to do so.