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  1. Wonky Tyre

    over the hole time of owning this its always the same tyre same side and even when buying it the guy says he had put a new tyre on that side which leads me to believe he had a problem with it
  2. Wonky Tyre

    had my mondeo 2.0tdci for 4 years now. on the drivers side the tyre wears away oon the inside,ive had wheell alignment checked three times which i,m told is okay so i took it to kwik fit nd got them to check camber again told its fine car has been mot,d last month so no issues with suspension or bushes etc, so does anyone have any ideas cos this is costing a fortune in !Removed! tyres thanks ooh it a mk 3 130 tdci
  3. new to this , my mondeo has been stuttering / stammering etc i have taken of egr and cleaned which i may add was black and full of sooty deposits, whats this blanking , how do i do it and what is the benefit /etc new to this club etc so if u can lads please make explanation idiot proof
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums ronnie21 :)

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