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  1. How do I remove the interior light in an ST2. I can take the front case off to change the bulbs but I want to get behind to have a look at the wiring harness for a potential mod. Photos showing how would be great! Please note I have googled this and it is different to normal mk7 for some reason Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Mk7 Fiesta Metal Mod Ideas

    I'm in a similar boat to you, don't really want to mod too much but enough to stand out a little. Take a look at my project thread. Only just started it but there are a few ideas on there Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Subtle But Nice - Fiesta St 2 Mods

    Just a few photos showing the de-tango process of all 4 indicator bulbs. Can also use this as a kind of a mini "how to" on removing a fiesta MK 7 - ST2 rear lights. As always I start of an image before Before (both sides are the same ofc) The first step is to remove the 2 x Torx screws as shown and a third screw inside the boot also needs to be removed. (just where the plastic trim meets the carpet), as your hand needs to go behind there. Once all 3 screws are removed, pull back the carpet and the trim enough to get your hand behind. I used the carpet to "wedge" the trim into the position shown. There is one last butterfly clip holding the headlight in place. It is located around the two parts of the wiring harness that you can see in the photo. Righty tighty - Lefty loosy. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DROP THE BUTTERYFLY CLIP DOWN INTO THE BIW (Body in White) This will cause a squeak/rattle and will annoy the hell out of you, and you will also have to buy a new one from ford. At this point you can lift the unit out of position, and swap out the bulb by twisting the bulb holder 90 degrees and same again with the bayonet bulb. Reverse steps tightening the butterfly clip first ensuring to re-connect the harness. et voila, silver/chrome indicator lights that still work a treat. A couple of photos below also show the front indicator lights. I didn't have to remove the driver's side headlight unit, only the passengers to do this mod. Before After. Thats one more mod down. still a few more to go.
  4. Subtle But Nice - Fiesta St 2 Mods

    Forgot to add I've changed the internal map lights to led Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. Ford Sync

    Hi mate my parents have a 2010 fiesta. They had a similar issue. We eventually found out it was because the car only had a "phone" bluetooth receiver and did not have a bluetooth music profile, also known as A2DP. Bad news if you want to stream music from your iPhone to your car. Good news is that there is a solution, as the iPhone uses 2 different profiles for bluetooth (one for phone and one for music) it means you can connect your phone to the car as normal for phone calls and then get a A2DP bluetooth receiver that will go into your aux. Your iPhone will then connect to both et voila, music and phone calls over bluetooth. I did this with my old focus Zs and used a HTC device link here. They are about £35 but i might sell you mine now i don't need it for a good price ;).
  6. Global Closing

    I have a 63 plate ST. I have just tried all combinations on my car, press and hold, click once and hold second, upside down etc etc. Nothing seems to work Any way of checking if my car is capable of this? And if so, does it mean going to a ford mechanic with a few beers and asking for 15 minutes and his computer?
  7. Subtle But Nice - Fiesta St 2 Mods

    Just a few photos showing the next subtle mod. Changing the red CHMSL to a clear CHMSL, I reckon this matches the white a little better than the red. The genuine ford part. Can be found on ebay here. Before After
  8. Rain And Light Sensor ??

    I've just had a look, there are no connections running from the auto dimming sensor to the rear view, so even if I wanted to switch it on I couldn't. Emergency assist sounds like a good shout. If it is that let's hope I never have to use it! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Subtle But Nice - Fiesta St 2 Mods

    Thanks Phil, I took her out for a late night drive last night, she handles corners like a dream! Looks like I'm going have to start saving for a new set of tyres, love can be expensive ;) Thanks for the advise about the bulbs. Ive never done HID's before, shouldn't be an issue fitting them I'm just scared of squeaks and rattles. I think getting the colour right is key. You do see a lot of crappy Vau***ll Co*sa's (I can't swear on here) with really blue lights and I'm not a huge fan of that, might just be personal opinion. I dont suppose you could drop me a few links ebay links for the kit you got, I reckon 6000K is the sweet spot. Ive just taken a loot at your motor mate its looking nice, I think I'm going to add the clear CHMSL to my list.
  10. Rain And Light Sensor ??

    Does anyone know what the two modules are on my ST-2? Im guessing they are rain and light sensors, yet the car does not have auto lights/wipers; but even if it did, the rain sensor would not be cleared by the wiper if this was the case. Any ideas? And even better any way to switch these bad boys onto the car? "Rain sensor" from the back, behind the rear view mirror "Rain sensor" from the other side, you can just about see where the 2 parts of the sensor are "Light sensor" inside and outside. Thanks
  11. Hello to all, This is my first post, I've had my fiesta for 1 month now and just wanted to show a few pics and discuss what I should do next with the beast. I love it, absolutely love the machine. Let me know what you think. I also have 4 years automotive wiring harness background so feel free to ask me questions. My baby before Ford Fiesta Zetec S - 1.8 L, few mods, added DRL's, reversing sensors, moved aux point, changed all bulbs The beast on the day I picked her up. You have to clean her on day 1 then she is yours. First run out in the peak district, just outside buxton. 3 figures on a B road...oops! First mod has to be from DMB, thanks to everyone who works there they do a grand job. - Before After Carbon-white smb overlays before and after (same on back) The mods are so subtle they work and last but not least a profile photo I took when on a long drive. So yeah thats everything up until now. I want to make mods where if i took it back to ford I won't void the warrantee and mods that i can act dumb with the insurance folk...."it was like that when I got it, I know nothing a bouts cars.. honest" Any ideas are welcome. Next mods to include: Black wrap on lower splitter (to protect against stone chips and to keep the "subtle but nice" approach) de-tango all bulbs on the car (recommendations on what bulbs would be appreciated) move to a colder temperature with the headlights/main beam (again any suggestions would be nice) Change interior bulbs MAYBE.... black wrap the wing mirrors but I don't know if this is going to look crap or not. Thanks guys.
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