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  1. My Frozen White Mk7 Fiesta Zetec S Detailed

    great in white,, alloys stand out nice as well,, very nice car pal,
  2. 17" Alloy Wheels Swap

    hi, i have a 2012 reg fiesta zetec s .. with the standerd 5 spoke alloys 16inch, 195/45/16 like brand new,, new front tyers, so still around 7mm ,, back about 5mm no skuffs or kurbing marks just as new and standerd 16in ones,, i am now wanting to sport mine up abit now,, so i would be intrested in a swap for the 17in ones,, i am new to this so do not know how to work it right,, but i have just bidded on ebay £500.00 for a set of 17in 5 spoke ,, so up to you i,ll either swap you or i could buy them and sell you mine,, must be in good condion though as mine are like new,, do not know if i am allowed to leave my phone number but here s my mobile 07930107833,, or email me,,
  3. i have a fiesta zetec s .. i am thinking of buying the upgrade alloys for my mk7 car think they are 205//40/17 not sure if they are same fitting as my 5 slpit spoke alloys 195/45/16 and if they do, which would look best ,,and would it inprove the drive,, just do not want to spend about £800.00 on a set then not like them or it make the drive differant in a bad way,, or be stuck with 2 differant sets,, what would you...

  4. Fiesta Alloy Wheels

    good tyers will help ride comfort and handling,, do not be tempted to go for cheap tyers,, makes ride comfort crap, loud road noise ,use of more fuel,, and ware away quicker,, pay that bit more ,, more comfort, it saves you more in the long run,, i had a cheap 195/45/16 ,hard ride , ware was unbeleveable,, put conti sport on ,, worth every penny, ride and handling alot better,, still got 6mm tread on them ,,i would have bought 3 lots of cheap ones buy now, and been out of pocket ,plus had a year of a sore !Removed! n back,lol, plus the crap handling,, buy crap it will be crap,, does not pay to go cheap on tyres , buy quality tyers at start , and save in long run,, thats my thought to comfort and still have a safe,, comfy,, sporty look, hope that helps
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums !Removed! :)

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