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  1. Hey all just joined recently. Got hold of a really cheap (10 quid with t&t) escort. 1994 mk5b i think it is. anywho.....never had fords before so wanted to start a thread for some advice etc. vinny suggested in my "hello" thread that a lump swap would be best bet for some extra dogs danglys....i like the idea, but i like to play around too...have done loads of lump swaps and they are boring...i want to play with the engine ive got. if its not really practical then i'll say okis, and maybe swap the lump. at mo its the 1.4 lump thats in it and its a sweet little engine, just got no balls to it, so what can i swap that will give it more 'oomph'? not really been under/in/around it yet, only had bonnet up to check oil etc. moeny aint an issue...like most modifiers, i'd never get back the cash i spent on any car, its about the fact you CAN, not about making anything back...just for the jollies of doing it and stepping abck and saying, "I did that sh*t" so..... what type of fuel system have i got? injected? can the inlet be swapped off for a carb set up? cold air feed help? all that type of stuff i want to know. also styling wise....want to kit it and mod it. nothing too daft or silly, something subtle but different....i've had a look around the net and found a few kit sites...have to say though that most of the kits look to be for a different front end...can i put mk6 kits on..whats involved? looks like i would have to swap out the bonnet to make a mk6 kit fit...anything else like the headlights? WOULD a mk6 kit fit at all in fact? sory for so many questions....like i said, never had an escort before and only had this one a week or so, so what might seem like stupid questions to you lot are all new ground for me not afraid to get my hands dirty...got a pit and lifting gear, plenty of tools and room to play. read somewhere about putting an rs head setup on the bottom end...is that do-able? i know, i talk a lot :D sorry, i'll let you get a word in edgewise now and thanks for any advice
  2. escort owner saying 'Lo

    thanks both! im pretty sure its the Mk5b ive got....its the one with the grill IN the bonnet i'll take the conversation out of this forum now, dont want to tart asking tech and styling stuff in welcome section, just wanted to say thanks for the info rgrds
  3. 'lo all just got hold of an older 1994 5 door escort (not sure what Mk that is?) never had a ford before, this one is a 1.4, seems to be ok...fantastic body work, engines pretty sweet. thought i would find a site with like minded people and pick yer brains etc. have always had volvos (go on....laugh i dare you!) had an 850 T5r, old volvo 480 turbo.....they aint as bad as you thin, honest! so anyways....hello and stuff, and hope to speak to you all more as i start to play with the car and need advice. couple of bits.... Is the 1.4 engine ok to tune around? not expecting huge horsepower, but you know, just little tweaks and stuff. body wise its original...steel wheels, are body kits available easy enough (something subtle...dont want to do the ironing on the boot spoiler) same with alloys etc..... the volvos were great cars to work on, but any after market parts were a !Removed! to get hold of, so am hoping the fords aint gonna be the same so i'll shut up now, and go looking round the rest of the forum :D