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  1. Sump Gasket

    Puma 1.7 is a 2 piece sump using sealant as standard from factory. just a word of caution.In order to take sump off you have to take it off in 2 stages as one of the fixings are under the lowest part of the sump pan. So take lowest part off first then to the short block. Clean off all old silicone and make sure area is clean before applying new sealant. After you have taken all the bolts off as I remember there is a small tooth/leg on the side of the sump to help removal just leaver off it to help it come away. just make sure all fixings are removed first as it's an alloy sump and could easily crack. Good luck. Ally
  2. Bought New Dvd Player And A Big Help

    That is exactly what I am after any help would be very much appreciated. Can't even remember now how many wires there were 6?? maybe 8?? Thank you very much Ally
  3. Bought New Dvd Player And A Big Help

    Help to turn on and to get it wired up. I have dvd is Situ as shown in photo and have the wiring assembly plugged into DVD unit at the dvd end but have no where for the other end of the multi plug to go so it is NOT wired up yet.
  4. Bought New Dvd Player And A Big Help

    Can anyone help? Cheers Ally
  5. Bought New Dvd Player And A Big Help

    Thanks looks good just need it to turn on now! lol Ally
  6. Bought New Dvd Player And A Big Help

    I used expanding foam to fill end cavities and as an infill between the roof and the top of my sheathing ply support bar. During the curing process I propped up the centre so it would follow the contour of the roof. I wiped off excess foam after about an hour so it could easily be removed. I haven't included a final photo as I forgot to take one but as it stands its basically the last photo but with the headlining back in place. The Ford Dvd loom was plugged into place and returned into the rear drivers light quarter behind carpet. This is where Ford originally had a connection point for my multi plug but unfortunately there is nothing there on mine. The Loom has 6 wires a far cry from the 2 live's and earth that I would need to power up unit but am unsure what they are all for. The seller I had bought unit off of had said to wire unit up to the rear passengers courtesy light as you lose this facility as dvd player is mounted in this position. Can anyone one help me with the wiring? What are they all for etc? I am at a bit of a standstill at the moment. The dealer is useless as there parts program is quite vague. Thanks again. Ally
  7. Bought New Dvd Player And A Big Help

    Dvd player mounted in situ
  8. Bought New Dvd Player And A Big Help

    New support bracket in situ
  9. Bought New Dvd Player And A Big Help

    My new dvd 'support bar'
  10. Bought New Dvd Player And A Big Help

    My dvd bracket
  11. Bought a new Ford Fusion 7500 dvd player on Ebay which came complete with a new mounting plate. Bought the 6 bolts and 2 torx fittings required to mount plate as shown on Ford Parts department computer to roof of my Fusion. Finally bought the loom that plus into dvd player and returns to the car loom. Took off headliner tonight to find there is NO place to mount or attach mounting plate(mine is the face lift 2006 model) all thats there is the roof skin and 2 support bars.................. ARGH Also my DVD player loom which I bought plugs into the 7500 dvd then as shows in Ford Parts dept that it plugs into a loom next to the drivers side rear light............. There is nothing there...............ARGH Car is in bits......... Nothing mounted....... Nothing plugs in...... Can anyone help or shed any light at all? Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ally
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums ally frp :)

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