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  1. Sidelight Fuse Puzzle

    Cheers Ian, I'll get a new one - only a couple of quid!
  2. Sidelight Fuse Puzzle

    NS sidelight (H1 or 448) on 2007 Focus 1.6 Zetec is not working. I took the bulb out, but it looks fine. Because I didn't have a spare or my meter on me, I assumed it must be a fuse. Now the fuse list for that car indicates a 7.5A fuse which covers not only this sidelight but the tail light as well. The tail light is working, so it's not the fuse! So it must be the bulb or a wiring fault. Am I right so far? It's so damned awkward to see the fuses under the glovebox and I couldn't see a puller in there, so couldn't pull all the 7.5A out to check. Have I understood the fuse connections correctly? Next time I go round, I'll take my voltmeter!
  3. Guide To Fixing Common Focus Bonnet Lock Problem.

    OK. Here's my solution: Buy a replacement grill from ECP and a bonnet lock repair kit from your friendly local Ford dealer. While you're at the Ford dealer, ask the very helpful service manager how to get the ****ing bonnet open. Listen very carefully to what he says, follow his advice, and after an hour or so working through the hole in the grill that you neatly made with your multi-tool, you will be able to access the white cross shaped coupler that you need to turn with some long nose pliers or (as in my case) a wedged-on box spanner to open the bonnet. When the stupid thing is open, rejoice quietly and repeat "well, that wasn't so bad" many times until you believe it. Remove your existing lock barrel by pushing out the long rollpin and sawing across the top of the two short ones until you can fish them out. Insert old lock barrel into new cable assembly and secure with rollpins from the kit. Undo two 10mm bolts that hold lock mechanism and remove. Pull out old cross coupler and any remnants of the old white plaastic housing and connect the new cable. Poke through hole and refit bolts. Assemble and fit new grill and push lock barrel into its locating slot, ensuring that plastic catches hold it in place. Check many many times to the point of onset of OCD that the key now operates the lock mechanism BEFORE CLOSING THE BONNET!!!!! Carfefully close bonnet with a firm push - don't drop it down. I can't pretend it was easy, but should only take half a day for a first attempt. I should be quicker next time................
  4. Guide To Fixing Common Focus Bonnet Lock Problem.

    Could anyone please describe the next, more destructive, step to opening this bonnet? I assume that I am going to have to replace the grill, so once through there, am I drilling out fixing bolts or does it involve more work on the white plastic collet or the cable?
  5. Guide To Fixing Common Focus Bonnet Lock Problem.

    There has to be another way of opening this STUPID bonnet!! I have just spent over 2 hours trying to open an 07 plate Focus bonnet. I've had long thin screwdrivers, shorter fatter screwdrivers, I've pushed as hard as I can on top, left, right, bottom, top again and again and again..... Turning key, pushing bonnet down, bouncing bonnet, pushing key, not pushing key, two pairs of hands and not so much as a click. Now I'm a confident DIYer and a reasonable home mechanic but this has to be THE MOST IDIOTIC design for a bonnet catch!!! What total numbskull came up with this? Do I need to rip the grill out to get to the release? Sorry for the rant - I'm just a little p***ed off with it right now. I'll go and get a Snickers...
  6. Hello!

    Hi James, it's a photobucket bandwidth issue, judging by some of the other comments. I have found some other pics related to the issue, so I think I know what it all looks like now - Thanks!
  7. Hello!

    OK - I have to admit, I'm not the Ford owner!!! It's my future daughter-in-law's Focus which is defying all attempts to open the bonnet. I see it's a common problem, but why can't I see the pictures on the threads? Anyway, nice to meet you all!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Crinkmeister :)

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