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  1. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Good news guys!!!! Abs light - works as it should! Other lights we're reset and now work. MOT PASSED - wooooohooooooo!!!!!! Thanks for the help and advice. Sounds like it had some dodge connections and after unplugging sensors and restring lights all is working. What a relief!!!!
  2. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Yeah definitely. Hopefully we can get it through the MOT and sort the cluster out after. Fingers crossed!
  3. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    The car was on diagnostics on Friday and it didn't show anything. I'll disconnect the battery for a bit and see what happens
  4. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Good news - sort of! Got the board back from my sparky today. He didn't do anythig other than test the LEDs )all working) So I just plugged it all back together and started the car Abs light comes on :) and goes off :) Now I have the airbag and seatbelt lights on permenantly - no flashing so no code Bugger!
  5. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Is that the place in Bradford? I'll give them a call tomorrow. If it's the right place they only mention one type of cluster manufacture - visteon??? Does that mean they only fix those? If it's £49 for it to be fixed I'll be over the moon!!!!!
  6. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Looking likely. Gonna fone cluster repairs or somewhere tomorrow. Any other suggestions are more than welcome
  7. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Bad news guys. It's something else and now I have no idea what :(
  8. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Yeah, I still think that's the problem but why would the guys test meter show it working (having a current anyway) He's gonna do a proper test later and get them to light up individually. Hopefully and all my fingers and toes are crossed that the led has gone
  9. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Oh, on a good note, the abs is working just not the light. Diagnostics showed nothing and communicated with the module so that's good news I guess
  10. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Not looking good guys :( PCB is now with my local friendly repair man. LED seem to show a current when he tested it - fook!!!! I'll up date when I get a definite answer :( Looks like I might be having beans on toast for the rest of the month
  11. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Thanks for the responses guys. Really appreciate it. Car is in at the garage today just for a diagnostic (and a little bit of work) so they're going to rest each led and let me know. Fingers crossed!!!
  12. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Yeah looks like it's just the abs. Would there be any others that are likely to go with it? Didn't see any tape and I'm 99% sure the light used to come on when starting the car (like it should)
  13. Dash Leds, Some Not Working

    Thanks for the reply and I've seen this company. However, if it's just the led that's blown I can get that fixed for less than £10 Not sure if the instrument cluster is broken or something else, hence me posting. I might give this company a call in the morning Cheers v
  14. Car has just failed its mot due to the ABS dash light not coming on at all!! I've searched lots of threads, forums, and googled my weekend away trying to find an answer. Did the gauge test and tried illuminating all the LEDs (test 3) and even The ABS led doesnt come on. Any idea what wrong? Ive had the PCB out and cleaned it without success. I'm convinced the led is blown could there be anythig else causing this. Just want to know before I get bit with a very expensive repair!!!!!
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums 'V' :)

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