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  1. Skipping Songs

    HI, Thanks for the reply! I am using the iphone 6 plus now but i had the iphone 5S. I didnt have a problem with the 5s but last week it seemed to occur. Now with the 6 Plus, it is same issue. I can even change radio stations with the buttons on the steering wheel.
  2. Skipping Songs

    Hi all, Just a question on using the Ford's audio system. I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta. I know a lot of people have not recommended doing it but i play my music through the bluetooth through the car audio. I have a titanium model. Since i had it, i was able to skip through my playlist in the car. Recently, the only thing that i can do now is replay the previous songs. Is this an issue with the audio or the button? Any advice would be great. Thanks,
  3. Ford Sync

    Thanks mate, How does this work? I mean I can play music on through my car by going clicking Aux and then going to the Bluetooth signal but I can't really select anything!
  4. Ford Sync

    Hi All, How will I find out if my Ford Feista Titanium late 2010 model, comes with Ford Sync and Ford Sync with Applink. TO use this with an Iphone, I need to connect via the USB cable and not through Bluetooth, is this correct? Thanks all,
  5. Hi all, Sorry to be a pain but i am new to this :) OK, so i have a second hand car, it was only a few years old. How do i set up the voice recognition so i can call people by name? When i say Phone Lee for example, it just repeats like it didn't hear what i said, if that makes sense? Also, when i say, "Call Mum" when it confirms it, the voice that says "mum" sounds like it could be the previous owner as it sounds like a young girl. What can i do to change this as i think it will be her numbers, not mine? Or am i doing it wrong? Lastly, when i am opening my car, when my wing mirrors retract, it makes a funny sound, is this normal? Any help would be grateful, Thanks,
  6. Ford Fiesta Titanium Bluetooth

    haha, thanks mate, think ill contact the ford gagarge and get them to answer some of my questions. See if they can advise about upgrading the firmware on my on-board computer too.
  7. Ford Fiesta Titanium Bluetooth

    Okay mate, thanks for the advice on that, i am going out for lunch in a minute and ill give that a go. Oh, another question, i got my car second hand, i tried to call my mum from the voice control this morning and it sounded like a young girls voice confirmed the call mum bit. Does this mean this is the previous users contacts and if I did call, it would have called her mum?? Is there a way I can change all this? I am from the sunny town of Bracknell
  8. Ford Fiesta Titanium Bluetooth

    Hi mate, Thanks for that, looks like we are both from sunny old Berkshire :) Nah, the missus has a Iphone too, her car is a 2013 model, so didnt know if this made much difference in terms of how the cars work. For example yesterday we tested it. She was in her her car on the way home playing her music, when she got in she used it to call someone then when we went back out, as soon as she turned her car on, the music was playing from were she left off. Although she was using Spotify and may have had the App open. I went outside and done the same, played my music, turned the car off, back on and it worked. Tried it again and kept it off a bit longer but this time it didnt work. any other tips you can give buddy? Seems like you know a lot about the fiesta :)
  9. Hi all, Just a question. I have a 4 year old fiesta. It is a lovely car to drive. i thought i had everything sussed out but just have a question about a couple of things. Firstly, the bluetooth system in the car, i have synced my iPhone 5 to it. I played my music by clicking on the Aux button until i get to the wifi looking symbol and this plays music. Is there a way to actually access my songs though it? Like seeing them or does it just play the last thing playlist i had open on my phone? Also, my partner has just brought a newer Fiesta, a 2013 one. when she gets back into the car, the music starts to play instantly from the sync from her phone from were she last had it playing. Should this also be enabled on my car? I hope all this makes sense, any help would be brilliant. Also, when i unlock my car, my side mirrors make a funny noise. Is this normal? I took our extra warranty and all this is covered, just wanted to know if i should take it back and get it all checked out? Thanks in advance.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums mrtugboat :)

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