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  1. just coming back to this thread as the problems arrived again this summer after calming down over the winter. Eventually it got so bad the engine light came one. Was the Inlet Manifold Runner Control unit. It's on the right hand side of the engine block as you look at the engine. As it says on the tin, controls the manifold! The ambient temperature outside seemed to make things worse. Now I know what it is, after nearly 20k of driving around with it, there are plenty of people with the same sort of issues with this engine in the focus and modeos. Garages have trouble diagnosing it as it's not obvious. Got that replaced and once I got it back I fitted a new lambda sensor as I had one anyway and the car is now running lovely (for now). Hopefully this might be of help and a pointer in the right direction for anyone who comes across this in the future.
  2. Hi Diddles, Mine seems to have cured itself. I'm excusively using Tesco 99 RON fuel and haven't had problems now for the last 900 miles or so. All pinking has stopped. Just before it stopped, I did have very loud "grating" noises everytime I used the accelerator, especially on a hill. Best I can describe the noise was like someone pulling a chain through a wire fence. Thought that was the end of the engine to be honest. Could hear that easily even with the windows shut. After it did that a few times, and got very worrying, it seemed to cure itself. No longer get pinking or the pulsating / loss of acceleration on hills. I did replace the coils in the end around 300 miles before the problems stopped, so not sure if that had anything to do with it, but upon changing the coils I didn't notice any difference. So for me at least, I'm just driving it now and sticking to the Tesco 99 RON stuff. I'm a bit worried about putting 95 RON back in at some point which I'll no doubt have to, but until then, everything seems OK. This is of course no help to you, and I wish I could help further as you have been so helpful yourself. The coils cost me £18 off ebay for the four, second user ones if you fancy giving that a go, but I'm not sure that solved it, seems more rather fluke and doesn't make any sense of the horrible noises, unless something was arcing.
  3. Spoke to a mechanic at the garage earlier, though didn't have long as they were shutting. He guessed, due to my description that it's the knock sensor. He's seen it on a couple of 1.8 mondeos. He suggested ford wouldn't have picked it up and neither would his diagnostic equipment, as the sensor thinks it's working, though it's not working correctly. Basically, he explained that when the throttle position is changed, the timing is changed by the ECU and this sensor is changing the timing at all times dependant upon the driving. As I get the pinking when slightly increasing the throttle, the knock sensor "isn't keeping up" and therefore, the pinking happens, the knock sensor then detects it and stops it. Basically it's ok until I change the position of the throttle. He suggested that the hesitation on the motorway could be the same issue, but obviously at that speed I can't hear the pinking. He's offered to check it over, though I will need to book it in. In reality though he suggested all he can do is change the part and it's pretty much guesswork without codes. but that's his first port of call. Any thoughts? I'm willing to give it a go if the sensor and labour don't cost too much!!
  4. Oh, that's a shame! I'll give it a go anyway, simply as it's cheap and at least it's completely ruled them out. Certainly not going to hurt. Plus, it's one of the small number of things I can do myself!!
  5. Thanks Sonic, keep us updated! Well, the car has failed. Nothing to do with the problem, just a suspension arm, so getting that fixed. I enquired about emissions and all was OK. Will get some NGK spark plugs ordered. Looking at EuroCarParts, though if anyone has any reccomendation for specific plugs, just let me know. I'll start there, leave the gap at 1.3mm and go from there. Seen some second hand coils on ebay so will look at purchasing them if the plugs don't make any difference. The throttle position sensor keeps cropping up, but I have no experience of that. Could ask the garage when I pick up the car later if they know anything about it. Only problem here is everyone says yes, but then realise that the 1.8 is nothing like the 1.6!! Just to go over this, diddles seems to have ruled out: - O2 sensors - Cleaning of throttle body - MAP Sensor - Coolant Sensor - Retarding the timing - 99 Ron fuel (pinks less, but still pinks) I've ruled out: - MAP sensor - Cataclean cleaning fluid - Catalytic Converter (had this properly checked around 3k ago and passed today) - Emissions issue - 97/99 Ron fuel (Pinks less, but still pinks and hesitates) - I also had a new clutch fitted at around 91k, so can eliminate anything to do with that.
  6. Efiste - did you every actually get down to what the issue was? Dan62, I've read quite a bit about that. The main difference is that there is only rattling under light acceleration and especially up hill (say you are in fourth at 40mph and hit a hill, you gently add a bit more acceleration to keep up and then all the metalic ratting starts). I don't get any rattling at idle, so this suggests it's not the flaps. Wish it was in a way!
  7. Diddles, thank you for the pictures etc. You have been most helpful. You get any further? Mines in for it's MOT today, so will let you know of any outcome on the emissions side of things. I'm almost willing it to fail, so long as the failiure makes sense of the problems! After this, if nothing is found emissions wise etc then I'm going to go back to basics. I have Bosch Platinum plugs in at the moment, so will change those for NGK plugs (read that these engines don't like Bosh plugs?). If nothing comes from that, I will change all four coils. After that, I'll look at the EGR valve. After that.... well, I don't know, trade it in I guess or simply live with it until it fails badly. It's a shame, I really like the car otherwise and was hoping to get it to at least 150k.
  8. Hmm, thinking about it, you might be on to something here. When cold, driving is absolutely fine. Feels free, feels like I have a lot more power. It only ever gives problems when fully warmed up. I just assumed it was something to do with the richer fuel mixture when cold masking the problems. Bit busy this week, but might ring up ford and get one ordered in for the weekend. I think this is an easy fit isn't it? Down between the coils?
  9. I'm not sure what MPG I get on the motorway, don't really take much notice. The average shows at 37.6mpg, but I do a lot of A road driving too. Funnily enough, my 20 mile trip to work this morning was absolutely fine, all A roads, no dual carriageway or motorway work. Just wish it wasn't so random. I've lost my bluetooth OBDII gadget thing. I'm going to order another one and get Torque Pro. However, last time I did this I was presented with stuff and no idea how I should interpret it all!
  10. Well I don't know how to explain it really. It sits there fine if I'm at 70mph and on the flat. However, as soon as I hit an incline, or have to slow down and then put my foot down a bit to pass something, such as a lorry, it starts to hesitate. Best way I can describe it is a bit like a surge in power and then you can feel the power cut out. It's as if the car knows it's surging, so cuts back. As soon as it does that, theres a rocking like motion. The engine note changes to a deeper, throatier note. All is OK again as soon as you let off the accelerator..... until next time! On general A roads, sometimes it's fine, others you put your foot down and it feels like you are pushing a huge weight in front of you, or the wind is holding you back. It wants to go, but you've lost a good 3rd of the power. Again, the note of the engine changes noticeably, as if theres an obstruction somewhere. It certainly doesn't like going up hills much. The pinking (at least I think it's that) is seemingly always threre when changing the throttle position, even ever so slightly. Can only generally hear it with the passenger window down slightly and a wall, or hedge next to the car. Sounds like someone hitting the exhaust very gently with a small screwdriver...but fast!. Sounds like its coming from the battery area. Not sure what the revs are about, but they stay pretty high if starting from warm, holding around 1,500-2k revs. In general, changing from first to second there is a lag in the revs dropping, so you hit second quite violently sometimes. That certainly seems to be getting worse. Had the car since 70,000 miles. Been absolutely fine until around 95,000. On 99,400 now, and the car is better than it was, but certainly not right. If cleaning your throttle body hasn't done anything, I guess the only thing left is coils, EGR, throttle position sensor. Anything else? Wish I'd bought the 1.6. My partners C-Max seems much faster and everything is much easier to work on!
  11. Well, coming back to report that I've tried the cataclean, driven about 30 miles, and unfortunately, the only difference it has made is that my car now sounds different. Doesn't sound as throaty, sounds more like a hairdryer when putting my foot down. It's likely done something, but that something hasn't sorted the initial problem. Revs seem to be sticking quite high when changing gear of late too. Still rocking back and fourth when putting my foot down at around 70. Guess I'll have to get a garage to investigate for vacumn leaks, maybe clean out the throttle body and the EGR. It's all guesswork on my part though, no one can find the fault (2 garage I have tried including ford). After that, I'm gonna have to look to get rid.
  12. Thanks for the updates guys. I haven't had my car this week, I've had my partners, so no updates. However, I did find a product people with pinking issues seem to rave about, called Cataclean. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cataclean-Catalytic-Converter-Cleaning-Treatment/dp/B002BVXM92 I'm going to give it a go at the weekend. If it continues to run well on 99 ron stuff as apposed to 95ron, then the only thing it can be really is the octane levels I believe? I'm no mechanic, can only do the basics, so anyone know which sensors would be affected by Octane ratings? We may be a step closer....!
  13. Hi diddles - been following your post since you posted on my post about the same issue! Bizzare, I also did a trip from Devon to London the other day, but chose to take the C-max! Got to go again in a couple of weeks time back to Heathrow and would prefer to take my car, it's far more comfortable, but the c-max at least drives fine! Hows that "workaround" going? Do you still get the stumbling / hesitation when hitting a slight hill on the motorway or A-road? Mines been fine over the last few days, still pinking, but not stumbled. Went out in it last night though on a 10 mile drive up a dual carraigeway and it was awful again.... basically "rocking back and forth" up inclines!
  14. Mine is on the latest software, thats something Ford did confirm. One thing I forgot to mention earlier is the EGR valve. Just looking on the internet, to me, the Throttle Position Sensor and EGR Valve look most suspicious. The TPS will likely cause the pinking and hesitation. With mine I do get a bit of surging normally just before it hesitates and starts pulsating. I can't hear the pinking on the motorway, but can on the A roads. I just don't know if I have a TPS sensor!! On my partners 1.6 petrol C-Max the sensor is obvious, but this 1.8 engine is difficult to research. The EGR will also cause hesitation and pinking, but with this one, in my mind, it makes more sense of the "performance filter" type noise I also get when it's running bad. I'm just waiting for the MOT as if my EGR is bad, it might fail the emissions test. I just can't take anyone to take the issue seriously and as I said above, don't want to shell out to replace random parts in the hope it might be fixed. Ford don't want to know as there is no code and therefore the "car is fine". I've had a couple of other garages look at it, but not entirely sure they have actually tested the sensors. Both just rang me back later in the day saying it drives fine. Mines certainly got better lately, not sure if thats to do with the cooler weather or just random luck. However, it's still not right and like you, I know as soon as I hit an incline the pinking will start at half throttle and secondly, on the motorway, any incline in which you have to use the throttle a bit more, it starts stumbling.
  15. No, unfortunately not, though it does seem to have become far more an intermittent problem on it's own behalf....which is a blessing sometimes, but also a curse! I've had the MAP sensor replaced which didn't make a jot of difference. I've also found a fiesta forum where people with 1.6 litre fiestas seem to be having the same problems, but as of yet, no one has found the answer. I've found the following possibilities looking at other forums... - TPS Sensor - Crankshaft sensor - Coolant sensor - Cambelt - CAT Now, the TPS sensor looks VERY promising, the only problem being, I cannot find mine anywhere, and no one can seem to help. Everyone and everything seems to refer to the 1.6 engines! Every throttle sensor picture I can find I cannot find on my engine. The cambelt is a worrying one, as I was always led to believe that I had a timing chain rather than a belt. But i DO have a squeaking on startup that seems to squeak in time with the engine RPM. I just thought this was the water pump / alternator belt to be honest. My CAT is apparently fine. The issue I have now is that it's so intermittent, I can't take it to a garage and show them whats happening. It's still mainly on hills it will happen though. Absolutely horrible experience driving it when it does. Pinking / detonation does seem to always be there when the rough running and lower "blowing exhaust" type sound has happened. Got my MOT next month, so just waiting to put it through that, see if it fails any emissions etc. It's been in garages for four solid days over the last few months and I haven't got anywhere apart from having a lighter wallet, so given up really. Other than that, I've taken to driving my partners car on longer drives!!!
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